Stepping Up Your Dental Care Game with Phillip SoniCare DiamondClean in Rose Gold

Every since December last year just before my dental check up, I started panicking like crazy about my dental health as everyone would. The result wasn't too bad after visiting the dentist luckily, just a little touch up on an existing filling. Although I got told that I was brushing my lower teeth way too rough that my lower gum line was receding lightly becauses of that! I'm only 25 and that's a kinds of news that I'm way too young hear, probably as bad news as if your hair is receding too early right?

Therefore after the dental visit, I've been doing a lot of research on different toothbrushes, and figured out my good old Oral-B electrical toothbrush is not suitable for me. The brush heads were too big for my teeth, and the circular brush motion is a bit rough and could be aggressive when I press too hard when brushing teeth. Instead, something has sonic vibration would be much more gentle but yet effective, and more suitable for my teeth size.

I have been eyeing on the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean in the Gold Edition for quite a few months, and was lucky enough to finally get to use it since July! They have quite a few colours to choose from the DiamondClean range, but come on which girl wouldn't go for the rose gold one? ;)


The sonic vibration creates up to 31,000 brush strokes/min, which I don't think anyone could possibly get close to this number by using a manual brush, and it is way faster than other brands of electric toothbrush. 

There are 5 modes: Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive. My favourite has to be the White Mode, 2 minutes of stain removal mode and 30 seconds of a stronger mode to polish the front of all your teeth. And I also use the Gum Care mode about once a week, the gentle massage on the gum line is very comfy and relaxing.

And the coolest part and the details that set this toothbrush a premium line are the chargers, yes you heard me, as simple as charges. You can charge your toothbrush by simply laying it in the glass, instead of plugging it into a traditional charging dock, how beautiful and luxury does it look though?! And the travel charging case might be even cooler - you get to store two brush heads and the toothbrush itself, close the lid and charge with a usb cable while the case is closed. I couldn't think of any more user-friendly and stylish way to take your electric toothbrush with you when you're on a trip, no more shitty manual brush for travelling any more for me! I also noticed the battery lasted very long between charges, at least 2x or 3x compared to my old Oral-B which I now said goodbye to.

The only kinda 'down side' thing about this Philips SoniCare brush is that the vibration is quite strong, which you could get a bit messy if you like to keep your mouth open and look at your teeth as you're brushing. The foam and water does get vibrated out of your mouth, and could get on your mirro too which could be stressful. Keeping mouth closed when brushing the lower teeth or spitting the access liquid out of your mouth solves the issue though, simple as that.

Tooth brushing is usually a dreadful task, and kinda was a painful experience for my gum when I used to use a circular motion electric toothbrush. Now every time I brush teeth I genuinely couldn't stop staring at this beautiful gentle and yet powerful SoniCare brush. At least now I know when I go for my next yearly dental visit, my dentist isn't going to tell me my gum receding any further!

How much attention do you pay to your toothbrush? Have you taken your dental care game seriously enough before it's too late? Let me know in the comments below! xx


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