Ashley & Co Peppy & Lucent Wash Locks and Soft Locks Review

Ashley & Co was a new brand that I wasn't too familiar before. I tried their products for the very first time and got their Blossom & Guilt Smooth Tube aka a hand cream. And the moment I used their Wash Up and smelt the amazing home diffuser in Tui & Kahili at an Auckland local cafe @dearjervois's bathroom, I truly believe now that everything from Ashley & Co smells FREAKING AMAZING!

They recently launched the new hair range with only one scent so far which is Peppy Lucent. Crushed Mint, Blackcurrant Buds and Lemon Grass, I don't know what you think about these scents but it sounded absolutely divine to me. I've been using these Peppy & Lucent Soft Locks and Wash Locks for a few weeks now and want to share my experience and thoughts with you guys.

The packaging is their typical brown bottle wich a soft blush label, which is one my current favourite colour. For $39.99 NZD per 500ml, this is not the cheapest shampoo and/or conditioner out there for sure! The product comes out quite precisely, so you do have to pump 3-4 times for enough product to come out. The clear liquid on the left in the picture above is the shampoo, and the white one is the conditioner.

The moment you rub your hair with the shampoo it smells like you're washing your hair with Mojito! Yes you heard me right Mojito!!! Mojito is my FAVOURITE cocktail and I love the smell of fresh mint leaves, and they somehow stored the scent perfectly in a bottle. The conditioner has a very similar scent too. You guys can imagine how hard I felt in love with the scent right? A lot of other shampoo and condition smells good but there is nothing smell like this out there.

They leave my hair feel super clean and fresh, and I can subtly smell the mint on my hair until it dries completely. This is not the most hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo I've tried, but surely is the most refreshing one and perfect for the summer that is finally here in New Zealand. I actually started really looking forward to washing my hair now (normally I feel like it's such a drag) just so I can smell it again in the bathroom and when I leave my hair air dry.

Have you tried anything from Ashley & Co before? If so what's your favourite scent? I would love to know! xx


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