BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette Swatches & Review

The wait is over, I finally got my hands on the BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo palette! I have been put off by shipping fee for ages but this palette went on sale on BH Cosmetics for only $11 USD. I had to just cover my eyes at checkout and clicked place order. Is it worth the hype? Let's find out!

The first side of the palette which contains 9 eyeshadows. The colour selection is so amazing even Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow palette was a "dupe" for this. I had a little worry about BH Cosmetics eyeshadows before I tried this palette to be honest. I remember when I bought some big palettes and some colourful shadows from them before and boy they were chalky and not pigmented. But these eyeshadows from the Shaaanxo palette were a completely different story! The size of the pan and the buttery formula instantly reminds me of my favourite eyeshadow brand - Makeup Geek! MUG shadows are $6 USD a pot, while this Shaaanxo palette all 9 eyeshadows are only $11 USD. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE STEAL! Don't believe how amazing they could be? You have to see the swatches below...

There are 4 mattes and 5 shimmers, all of them are buttery and very smooth, none was chalky or powdery even the matte shades! It's hard to pick my faves yet, but if I have to, I'd have to pick:
- 1st row on the right
- 2nd row on the right
- 3rd row on the left
I have tested them out on my eyes already too. They're very easy to blend, super pigmented and last all day. Hands down I can't be more impressed by this eyeshadow palette, and still can't believe how much I paid for it!

The other side also contains another 9 lip colours. To be honest I'm not a big fan of lip colours in pans for myself, but when I used to freelance, I depotted most of my favourite lipsticks into a large Z palette to keep my freelance kit a bit more compact. So this would be great for the makeup artists who just started and want to save some space for your kit.

The colour selection of this lip palette is very girly and you can tell they're all Shannon's favourite colours. The only 3 colours I could see myself mainly wear is only 2nd row on the left, 3rd row on the left, and 3rd row on the right, I don't feel like the rest of colours are as flattering on my kinda skin tones. The consistency of these are all quite different too, from sheer creamy colours to very pigmented one swipe bold shades, I did hope the consistency and pigmentation of the lip colours were as consistent as the eyeshadow side.

I think this BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo palette is such a steal!! The eyeshadows qualities are way beyond the price tag and the colours selections are very pretty, wearable, but you could also create some bold looks with it. I'm not a big fan of the lip colour side though, I'll wear a few colours every now and then but I can't see myself reach for it all the time. But let's take away the lip palette side, just the eyeshadow side is totally worth every buck, and I'm super looking forward to create some looks with this BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo Palette! Amazing work Shan!

Have you tried this palette yet? What's your thoughts on it? Share it with everyone in the comment down below! xx


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