I can't believe I'm talking to you guys here again... But this is another HELLO!

Ever since I finished university last year and started looking for jobs, moved to a different city AGAIN, and started working full-time, I had to make a decision to just focus on one thing at my spare time - blog or YouTube. My psychological side of brain went for YouTube and had to set blog aside, but honestly I've been missing blogging so much.

Instagram is great, but there is nothing like taking pictures for the blog, and to look back. There have been so many times I came back to my blog, and just staired at a few posts that I am super proud of, smile, and clicked out of it on my browser. It is something I've always been super proud of. Just because the busy adult full-time working life, it's not enough for me to leave it there for good.

So... It's been just over a year since I quietly left this space, and I can't wait to dig back in again. There is no promise of how often I would update my blog now, which same goes to my YouTube channel currently. But I think the massive 'gap year' I took for my blog is a good amount of time, I'm now super pumped and feeling inspired again, which took me so long to have this feeling.

Hello to the new readers, and big hugs to old friends who have been missing me! I missed you guys so much too! xx


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