The Perfect Brows

Brows are becoming more and more as a statement with the current makeup trend. From thinner more arched brow being in trend, now to fuller, more brushed out brows being fashionable.

Being a bit of unblessed, I don't naturally have much eyebrow hair to start with. You guys know that the first thing I need to put on is brow products, if I don't have time and have to rush out of the house. I believe brows are so important when comes to framing the face and completing the eye makeup, so I've been seeking for improvements of the way I could do my brows.

The tools you would need:
  - a tweezer
  - a thin brow pencil 
  - brow powder or a wide brow pencil
  - clear or tinted brow gel

The ones I'm showing today are:

1. Tweezers over waxing. Unless you know a salon that you are familiar with and totally could trust for waxing and threading then go for it. Otherwise if you haven't seen the work done by the salon, then don't risk your eyebrows! It takes way longer than you think to fully grow them back. When DIY at home, I'd recommend using tweezers over waxing yourself too. It does take a lot longer if you have a lot of eyebrow hair to start with, but its is way more precise and you have more control and less likely to make a mistake. Also if you use your tweezers all the time, it shouldn't take long at all to maintain weekly or twice a week.

2. Draw the hair. It is important to have some sharp eyebrow pencil that has the right colour (not too orange unless you are actually red head), right darkness and the right pigment and wax ratio. A good and bad eyebrow pencil could make a huge difference in this step, so don't be stingy, this is the investment you must make if you're willing to have perfect brows. Use the brow pencil to gently draw short strokes so they look just like your natural brows, also don't forget to follow the direction your brow grows too to fake it real.

3. Fill in gaps. Once you have the hair drawn on, this is an extra step if you have thin eyebrows like mine. I usually use either brow powder or a wide brow pencil like the one showed in the left bottom of the picture above. This is a quick and easy way to fill in the rest of your brows without taking way too long to draw millions of strokes with the sharp eyebrow pencil we just covered in step 2.

4. Set in place. Once the hard work is done, get out your brow gel (either clear or tinted) out and brush it through your brow hairs. Brow gel sets the messy hair in place, and give them a fuller illusion to complete the look.

Here is my before and after. Can you imagine me having full makeup but only having the brows on top of this photos? You MUST have well cared brows to make your eye makeup pop to the next level and to frame your face. Brow routine is simply one of the most important step in either everyday or full glamours makeup looks. So grab your tools and start practicing today, it takes times but you'll eventually be getting better and better every time.

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  1. wow! the eye of horus brow set looks like everything a brow needs! Thanks for the tip on drawing brows in the same directions, I need to start doing that~