Smashbox Glam Femme Set Swatches & Review

Smashbox launched their Glam Femme Set* in New Zealand recent-ish. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the eyeshadow palette colours from this set; plus the dusty rose lip colour, a shimmer powder highlighter and a black eyeliner, everything that I love, all comes in one package!

There are 8 eyeshadows in this Limited Edition Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette. 4 of the shadows are matte and the other half are shimmery. You guys know me, a palette with decent amount of matte colours always wins my heart. All eight shades are super pigmented, and selected from a wide variety of colours, to cover both cool tone and warm tone shades, and easily transfer your look from day to night. My favourite picks (well I tried to narrow down but you know me) from this eyeshadow palette is: Vanilla, Wheat, Ignite and Wine. I'll soon to create a day to night tutorial on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that at the end of July or August!

Soft Light in 'Shimmer' is a pale pink shimmer. It's extremely pigmented just like the eyeshadows, but still has the blend-ability to be blended into skin to look as natural as you want, or as bold as you desire, you choose!

Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl in 'Raven' is such a cool pencil. No more mess around with pencil sharpener, just twist the lid back and your work will be done. The matte black is also super bold and waterproof, it will keep your eyes defined all day without smudging.

Be Legendary Lip Gloss in 'Disco Rose' is another lip gloss that changed my mind, along with the new Rimmel Oh My Gloss. It's a coral rosey shade that isn't bright, but giving you enough colours to make your pouts stand out. The colour also stain your lips after application too, so even if the shine is warn down throughout the day, the base colour is still there to love your lips.

You know that happy feeling that you get really decent use out of everything in a set or gift pack. And this is definitely one! I've been reaching for all products from this Glam Femme Set* since I got my hands on it, and can't even point out any flaws from each product!

For more information, check out Smashbox Cosmetics NZ's website.

Have you tried this Glam Femme Set* from Smashbox or have you tried any of the individual products from the kit? Share your thoughts with me and everyone else in the comments down below! xx

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  1. That palette is stunning and the pigmentation looks incredible. x

  2. I didn't expect the swatches come out so pigmented with just a pretty gentle swipe, definitely better quality than other Smashbox shadows I've tried before! <3

  3. I'm not normally fans of sets like this, but this does look lovely! But then Smashbox normally don't fail me!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. The palette is gorgeous!
    I love eyeshadows <3

  5. WOW! This palette is incredibly beautiful! I love that shade ignite, looks like the shade 'katheen lights' from colourpop and the antique shade reminds me of the shade bamboo from make up geek I believe! Love the colors, I would totally get it!