Rimmel Oh My Gloss Swatches & Review

For someone that doesn't usually love gloss, when I first heard of these new lip gloss from a drugstore brand, I wasn't that interested. But it's always fair to give anything a chance and try it out first, and these Oh My Gloss* from Rimmel has completely changed my mind about drugstore lipgloss.

I've tried and had owned a lot of different gloss from both high end and drugstore. Some of them aren't that sticky but there's always something in the formula that puts me off. They're usually not that pigmented, the colour doesn't last long on lips, some sorta tackiness on lips even when they claim to be non sticky formula. These new gloss from Rimmel has ticked all the boxes for a lipgloss that most of other ones I've tried didn't deliver to me. 

These Oh My Gloss Lipgloss* contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E. They are so easy to apply, the shine and colour lasts on your lips for so long (I found it lasts longer than it claimed which is 6 hours on the tube), and doesn't have that unpleasant sticky feeling AT ALL! It turned someone like me that doesn't like gloss in general to wearing it almost everyday either just with lip pencil, or on top of a lip colour!

The six shades are available in New Zealand are: Crystal Clear, Love Bug, Glossaholic, Snog, Ooh La La and Pin Up. They're retailed for $14.50 NZD and available at Farmers throughout the country now! Below I swatched all six colours on lips and arm.

Crystal Clear* is a transparent clear gloss. Add this on top of any lip colour or just bare lips to make them look more juicy.

Love Bug* is a shimmery nude. This is one of the only lip gloss that I actually like the shimmer in there. The shimmer isn't chunky at all, and really makes your pout look fuller and add some extreme shine. I actually filmed a summer bronzed makeup look with this gloss, which will be up on my YouTube channel in two weeks.

Glossaholic*is a medium pink. Not a bright one, not a baby one, it's a medium soft pink that is so wearable any day or any situation. Definitely the go to MLBB (my lips but better) lip colour.

Snog*is a satin mauve. Or I would describe is a deep dusty brown rose, or however you want to describe the shade, it's that sorta brown nude that is super in trend right now. This is definitely my favourite pick out of all six shades too, for its extreme pigmentation and finish colour. I usually just wear a deep rose lip pencil to slightly overdraw my lips, and put Snog on top, I've got asked what lip colour I was wearing so many times when I wear this lip combo!

Ooh La La*is a blue-toned red. The colour isn't as pigmented as a red lipstick obviously, but it really adds a lovely red tint to your lips. And the glossiness just makes your lips look so cute and look like cherries waiting to be kissed. (I know this sounds a bit cheesy but that's what comes into my head haha)

Pin Up*is a red-ish pink. It's quite a close colour to Ooh La La but a lot more pink than red and also more pigmented too. It's such a lovely bright colour for when you're in the mood for something bright and glossy.

Here are my arm and lip swatches, along with tubes together:

What's your thoughts on drugstore lipgloss in general? Have you tried any of these Rimmel Oh My Gloss yet? What's your other absolutely favourite lip gloss from either drugstore or high end brands? Let me know in the comments down below! xx

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  1. snog, pin up, and ooh la la are so pretty! I only own 4 glosses so far, they all from drugstore and my favorite is the maybelline lip polish/elixirs. it's weird that rimmel lip glosses are not as popular as their lipsticks, powders, and eyeliners here, not many stores sells it..

  2. I have Snog and Glossaholic and really like them! The formula is great :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. These are all so pretty!


  4. They looks so nice, especially the snog shade.

  5. I actually love these!! I've been converted back to lipglosses as well haha!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle