OPI The Brights Collection

After reading my yesterday's post about the new OPI SoftShades Collection, if you're not into wearing neutral shades on you nails then this post would be for you!

The collection include 6 brand new shades, along with three already existed shades in the previous The Brights Collection. The brand new shades will be out in June from Farmers and selected pharmacies for $19.95 each.

Colours from left to right are: Hotter than You Pink, Can't Hear Myself Pink!, On Pinks and Needles, I STOP for Red, Down to the Core-al, Life Gave Me Lemons, I Sea You Wear OPI, My Car has Navy-gation and The Berry Thought of You.

Hotter than You Pink is a hot pink. If you're a fan of pink on your finger tip or toe nails, this is a fun pink that is must have for you.

Can't Hear Myself Pink! is a shimmering metallic pink. A hint of blue reflect in the shimmer makes this shimmery pink way more interesting than just pink, and it actually reminds me of MAC Pink Poodle Lipstick!

On Pinks and Needles is a hot pink glitter. I have many glitter polishes in my collection, but this is the first pink glitter I've ever had, a chunky one too.

 I STOP for Red is a scorching hot red. The classic bright red that would catch anyone's eyes. A bit dressy but fun.

Down to the Core-al is a true coral. A bright coral that has a hint of shimmer in the formula, makes me miss summer even more right now during New Zealand's winter.

Life Gave Me Lemons is a citrusy neon lemon-lime. Bright neons always win my heart, this polish is totally my pink out of this collection. Easy to apply formula solves the problem that some neons has a funny texture when applying.

I Sea You Wear OPI is a iridescent metallic blue. Can't get over how cute and cheeky the name of this polish is. Would be a super fun pool side colour and transfers you into a mermaid instantly!

My Car has Navy-gation is a deep navy blue. Probably the most elegant and winter friendly colour of  all these bright colours. Name of the polish is also super cute.

The Berry Thought of You is a delectable purple. A plum-ish purple that is also great choice for winter.

What colour is your favourite out of all these 9 bright shades from the new OPI The Brights Collection? It was hard for me to pick but I'd say mine would be Life Gave Me Lemons and  I STOP for Red. Tell me yours in the comments down below! xx

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  1. I love OPI *-* these colours are amazing vibrant!

  2. What an amazing collection! Certainly something for everyone ^_^

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x