MAC Wash & Dry Collection

MAC limited edition products are famous for its beautiful packaging usually. The packaging of the new MAC Wash & Dry Collection definitely caught my attention. This breezy bronzing collection is inspired by bright, fresh hues perfect for a full spin or just a quick tumble.

Couldn't resist the beauty of this Wash & Dry Collection, I got my hands on Lipstick in 'Morange'*, Lipglass in 'Domestic Diva'* and Technakohl Liner in 'Coin Operated'*.

'Morange' is an amplified vivid orange and it's probably one of the most famous orange shade from MAC. I've actually owned 'Morange' for a few years in their original packaging and it is definitely one of my favourite orange for the days I'm feeling for something bright and fun.
(RRP $44 NZD)

'Domestic Diva' is a frosty watery pink. I'm usually not a fan of shimmer or glitter in lip gloss, but the amount of shimmers in this gloss is just so perfect. With the watery pink shade, it really plumps up your lips and make them look super juicy!
(RRP $42 NZD)

'Coin Operated' is a metal grey with silver pearl. Tired of blacks and browns? This is the first grey eyeliner I have, and let me tell you: it's awesome to switch around even it's still a neutral shade. Love the subtle sparkles in this grey liner, definitely making a plain grey more fun for sure!
(RRP $40 NZD)

Swatches L to R:
Lipstick in 'Morange', Lipgalss in 'Domestic Diva' & Technakohl Liner in 'Coin Operated'
MAC 'Morange' Lipstick lip swatch
MAC 'Domestic Diva' Lipglass lip swatch

The full collection include:

Lipstick (RRP $44 NZD)
Creme D'Nude
Steam Heat
Tumble Dry

Lipglass (RRP $42 NZD)
Girl on Board
Laundry List
Hot / Cold
Domestic Diva

Technakohl Liner (RRP $40 NZD)
Practice Makes Perfect
Colour Matters
Coin Operated

False Lashes Waterproof (RRP $48 NZD)
Stay Black!

Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio (RRP $55 NZD)
Green Clean
Warm Wash
Permanent Press

Powder Blush (RRP $52 NZD)
Crisp Whites

High-Light Powder (RRP $66 NZD)
Freshen Up

Studio Nail Lacquer (RRP $28 NZD)
Monday Blues

The whole collection is available at all MAC counters throughout New Zealand. I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches of a few things from this new MAC Wash & Dry Collection. Let me know what you think in the comments down below! xx

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  1. I was lucky enough to attend a mac techniques night last week, and had a good look at this collection. Is it bad to say that I walked away with none because of the packaging? I just really don't like it!!! Despite some of the products looking absolutely beautiful.. Not sure if it's only me, but things like packaging do really play part in my decision to purchase! x

  2. I love the summery ombre colours so this was definitely my cup of tea, but yea I can see that some might not like it. And totally agree, packaging always play a big part in makeup products!! :)

  3. I love the Morange shade. The packaging is bright and colourful and gorgeous. I feel ashamed that I have yet to own a Mac product but I need to get my hands on this x

  4. That lipstick suits you so much Bonnie! x

    Katina |

  5. I haven't worn it for a while but def an old fav! ;)

  6. Never need to feel shamed of not having any makeup brands! :)