Essence First Impression

You guys know  that I love finding good drugstore products that are affordable, but quality is also the key when comes down for me to keep purchasing the brand or not. Brands such as Wet N Wild, Milani, Maybelline, L'oreal, Coastal Scents etc. has made their spots for my makeup drawers; on the other hand brands like e.l.f, they have a few things I would go back but I feel like the majority of the products I bought from there I wouldn't actually use.

Essence was one of the drugstore brands that I was so looking forward to try, especially heard so many good things from some fellow bloggers. Essence finally made it into New Zealand market in February at Farmers (our local department store) and I was luckily gifted some products to try them out, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a first impression (plus try-ons) of the brand, as I've never tried anything from Essence until now.

Essence All About Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette* RRP NZ$7.90
There are 6 neutral shades in this little palette, they either have satin or shimmer finish. I'm glad they have some light shades and some darker ones, but all four browns are a bit similar and repetitive (especially when comes to application) to be honest! The pigmentation is okay but not great. I found that the colour fades off even if I prime my eyes like I normally would do. Not really impressed by this eyeshadow palette but it would still work for people that are looking for some really really natural everyday colours by using just one or two shades all over the eyelids. It's not really for me to suit my eye makeup routine.

Essence I Trends Nail Polish in 'I'm So Fluffy' & 'Do Nuts'* RRP NZ$3.95
$3.95 a polish in New Zealand is pretty hard to beat, unless you go to one of the dollar stores to get some brands that you've never heard of. The colours shows pretty well with two coats, the swatches above are swatched with 3 coats. 'I'm so Fluffy' is a pastel peach that would look super cute and girly (and summery, but it's so cold in Dunedin right now I can't even think about summer). 'Do Nuts' is the first shimmery beige kinda colour I've ever own, I tried it and actually really like it surprisingly!

Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof in 'Black Blaze' & 'Cocoa Bean'* RRP NZ$5.20
These gel eye pencils twist up like NARS!!! I've seen a lot of drugstore brands have gel eye pencils, but they normally require to sharpen them. But these ones from Essence do twist up like NARS' eye pencils, crazy right? Both colours are super waterproof and easy to apply. I used them on my top waterline and they didn't smudge at all throughout the day, which is the way I test out any eyeliner pen and divided the good and the bad - these babies passed the test!

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara* RRP NZ$6.30
A little bit love and hate going on here with tis mascara. I do like the wand a lot but I think the formula is just a bit too wet and too thick. The stopper in the tube doesn't take enough product off the wand therefore the application do get a bit messy, unless you wipe some excess product off the wand yourself. The colour is super bold black, which I found was a bit too black for everyday sorta wear. I might try another mascara from Essence next time, but I don't feel like I would reach back for this one much in the future.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 'Blush My Lips'* RRP NZ$5.20
The lipstick isn't matte and I would call it a cream finish. It's super hydrating, but the colour does come off quite easily. Although the lip colour itself kinda stain your lips a bit so it doesn't come off completely after eating or drinking - you still get a tint. The first coat of application isn't as bold as the lipstick bullet itself but the colour is guidable as you can see from the photo below of me wearing it.

Overall I found the price of all the Essence products in New Zealand is super affordable especially compared to the mainstream drugstore brands in New Zealand, and the quality is up there similar with them too. The packaging isn't the best but still decent, especially looking at the price we're paying for I wouldn't really complain at all.

I only wish the eyeshadow would be slightly more pigmented and lasting on my eyes longer throughout the day, and I probably would rather try a different mascara next time, but overall I'm really happy how everything turned out on me and would definitely try more products from them myself, and also will recommend them to others for the great value you're getting from the price and quality!

Have you guys tried anything from Essence before? If so what do you think about the brand, and what's your favourite product from them? Leave comments down below to share with me and others here! xx

* Products were gifted by PR but not sponsored.

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  1. I love their lipsticks! They have a good colour range and perform pretty okay considering the price point. And now I'm interested in their gel eye pencils! Definitely giving those a swatch soon!

    Pauline | Catpacking

  2. Essence lip shadows, blushes and highlights = amaaaazing

  3. I'm ALWAYS tempted to buy make up from essence as their range is priced 50% cheaper or more than other drugstore brands in singapore! However I've been aware that their eyeshadows aren't as pigmented but I would love to buy a lipgloss and lipstick from them and try a mascara or so! Love the look you did, it's such a gorgeous but simple look and that pink is stunning on you!

  4. Yea the eyeshadow palette I got had the pigmentation problem too, but for the price though I feel like that's what you get. But the other stuff I got were pretty awesome! You should def try or swatch them in the store if you get a chance Sharlynn :)

  5. I'm so keen to try their blushes next!!

  6. Those gel eye pencils are definitely worth a try!

  7. that lipstick colour looks great on you!

  8. wow that lipstick looks stunning on you!

  9. I haven't tried to many prodcuts from the brand but I definitely want to try a few more. That shade of lipstick is lovely!

    G.J - A Personal Style, Beauty & Lifestyle blog.

  10. My first impression on Essence is pretty good, looking forward to try more stuff from them!

  11. I've seen a few bloggers talking about the Essence blush, definitely on my list next time when I get to try Essence! :) Thanks for the recommendation Rebecca x

  12. I have to try an essence kit my parents gifted me, I think is a good quality/price brand for little ocasions

  13. I recently picked up the gel eyeliner pen and I've been so impressed with it! I actually get on with this mascara too, though I agree that it is rather wet in formula, however it is great at giving volume! Super round-up and beautiful photos as always ^_^

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x