HUGE American Makeup Haul | Part 3

Part 3 of this HUGE American makeup haul are all the products I bought from ColourPop. If you missed the Part 1 High End haul from 2 days ago you can read it HERE, or if you missed the Part 2 Drugstore haul from yesterday you can read it HERE. I also explained in Part 1 post how I bought everything from USA.

Ever since I made my first order on ColourPop and having 10 Lippie Stix and 1 Lip Pencil for a while, I just can't stop raving about how amazing their lip products are. I quickly placed my 2nd order after I've been saving for a while, and I went a bit cray! (US$200+ later...)


ColourPop Lippie Stix in 'Tootsi', 'Cookie', 'Button', 'Lumiere', 'BFF' & 'Lady'
The pigmentation, consistency and the shape of these lipsticks are just flawless. I love how the lipstick itself is so skinny so it's super easy to apply on the lips. Don't worry you're not getting less products from it being thin though, the lipstick is quite long in the tube!

ColourPop Lippie Pencil in 'Leather', ‘Lady', 'BFF3', 'Brink' (my 2nd Brink pencil), 'Lumber', 'Tootsi', 'BFF2' & 'BFF'
These pencils are THE BOMB! You probably could tell from me suddenly buying so many after I had my first pencil from them which is 'Brink'. I used Brink almost everyday that I felt the need to get a 2nd one as back up already, no more need to be said! Hands down the most pigmented, the smoothest drugstore lip pencils I've ever used!!

ColourPop Blush in 'Clutch', 'Birthday Suit', 'Between The Sheets', 'Fox' & 'Holiday'
My heart was beating so fast when they launched blushes finally, I was one of those waited for so long but I couldn't decide what colours to get for like... a few weeks haha! I ended up picked these five shades, and they're all so cute! I didn't know these are cream to powder blushes until I got them in hand and swatched myself (you guys can totally see that finger mark on the middle blush haha, excuse me I just couldn't wait to try it). They're so pretty yet subtle on the cheeks even the bright shades, but you can totally build it to super bold colour if you want to as well. And these blushes don't move around once you've blended out and just sit so nicely, so in love!!! (TIP: you need a stipple sorta brush though, a normal natural hair blush brush wouldn't do as well for cream to powder blushes in general)

ColourPop Holiday Eyeshadow Set in 'Not a Box of Chocolate'
I was holding myself back when this set first came out, and got it when eyeshadow sets are on sale, clever me, not really, cause I ended up bought too many... Anyway, the set contains a few colours I normally wouldn't buy myself, but the swatches look gorgeous (this photo didn't pick up any shimmer and glitter, oops) so I thought I will get out of my comfort zone and give these a go!
Top row colours: 'Halo' (Satin Luxe), 'Tinsel' (Metallic), 'Partridge' (Pearlized)
Bottom row colours:  'Sleigh' (Metallic) , 'Drift' (Pearlized), 'DOE-A-DEER' (Matte)

ColourPop Eyeshadow * 9
Holy s* these eyeshadows are almost like butter! I've never touched any eyeshadows quite like this. They're so soft, super pigmented, with a creme to powder finish. I can't wait to create some tutorial with these as they're so different to any shadows I've used before and I really want to experience something different with them!
1st Row: 'TO-A-T' (Matte), 'La La' (Ultra Metallic), 'Bill' (Matte)
2nd Row: 'Hanky Panky' (Matte), 'Sequin' (Metallic), 'Mittens' (Matte)
3rd Row: 'Hustle' (Matte), 'Amaze' (Metallic), 'Krinkle' (Metallic)

Recently ColourPop launched 15 highlighters last week and just launched 6 bronzers two days ago. I made two orders, again... They're so evil and sneaky slowly launching more and more products that look absolutely holy grail! I'll update you guys another ColourPop haul once I receive those two orders next month.

Have you guys tried any ColourPop products? If so share your thoughts on them in comments down below! If you haven't yet, all I could say is you're missing out!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! xx

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  1. I made my first order like a week ago! I cannoottttt wait to get it in the mail! I got a bit of everything; eyeshadows, lippie stix and pencils, a blush and a highlighter! All of the shades you picked up look gorgeous!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I definitely need to make an order with Color Pop! Everything looks so, so lovely. x">

  3. Oh my gosh Bonnie. Struggling to type out words. Immensely jealous of such incredible large hauls that keep coming popping up in my bloglovin' feed! You've got so much to play with ahhhh! x

  4. You sure will be so happy once you receive everything, the quality of their products is just the bomb!!!

  5. Haha well I made damage again buying their new highlighters and new bronzers, so evil they brought out new products slowly and I felt like I need to order every time when new things released out... My weakness!

  6. So excited doing makeup every morning just so I can play with all the new makeup!! <3

  7. Omg this is literally paradise! These eye shadows are gorgeous:)


  8. So wish colourpop shipped to the UK :( fingers crossed it'll be soon

  9. Such awesome products! I've been resisting placing a Color Pop order so far but it's getting harder and harder!

    xx Julia

  10. They're so creamy and pigmented!!

  11. I bet they will soon! They're doing so well and eventually will ship to everywhere i the world I reckon!

  12. There's no reason to resist, the price is so affordable and their quality is just beyond amazing!!! You'll know what I'm talking about once you've tried their stuff

  13. Holy haul girl, this is amazing! And really tempting me to make another order!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  14. Well I'm hopeless and I did make in fact two more orders from Colour Pop after this haul... Just had to get their new highlighters, and then boom they launched bronzers then I did it again! Although they're all little orders though hehe

  15. AHHHH! SO DAMN JEALOUS! I can't wait to see all the swatches of those gorgeous shadows! No shipping to singapore yet but I don't expect it to be so soon! I'm going to use a mail forwarding service to get my colourpop soon!!! Love what you got, do swatch and review soon!

  16. Never heard of it but omg those shades are beautiful!!


    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  17. I REALLY want to try stuff from colourpop, but i have been really thrown off with the shipping cost, especially with being a student I don't have a lot of spare change. So what do you think about the cost of shipping?, because i don't want to spend about the same as the products just to get them shipped to NZ. But all of there stuff looks amazing.

  18. I found that the official website's shipping fee to NZ is super expensive for how much stuff you're getting! That's why I shipped it to my parcel forwarding address in US combined with other stuff to ship to NZ together to reduce the shipping fee a bit. But if you're only just getting stuff from ColourPop and don't use parcel forwarding services then I guess it's the only way to go

  19. What an amaaazing haul! I also used one of those shipping services to get colour pop to the UK and ordered a smaller amount, also loving everything so far! You have a phenomenal selection of the lippiestix and the shadows, looking forwards to all your swatches! <3

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  20. Hi Bonnie! Such an amazing haul! I also luve in NZ and sometimes order from the States. I wonder do you pay any customs fee if your order cost more than 200usd for example? I'm afraid of ordering mych because of that fees. Could you please advise me on that matter Bonnie?:) thanks.