ZOEVA Rose Golden Palette Swatches & Review

As I mentioned in my yesterday's 'ZOEVA Haul' post, I was going to review the new Rose Golden Palette* from ZOEVA. So here I am today!

The Rose Golden palette* is the 7th and the latest palette to the ZOEVA's eyeshadow palettes collection. It's retailed for $21.50 USD for 10 eyeshadows, just like its sisters. It's described as: no parabens, no mineral oils, no fragrances, no phthalates, superior pigmentation, easy to blend, with vitamin E and also it's made in Italy.

For only $2.15 a pan I would say that's a great deal! So now let's have a look of the quality of these shadows, as the price tag is kinda between drugstore and high end palettes.

The theme colour for the palette is rose gold tones as the name always gave that away. There are 3 mattes, and 7 shimmers in the palette. I wasn't too impressed by the first sight of the pans, but then I realised I shouldn't of judged it until I swatched them...

ZOEVA Rose Golden Palette - 1st row
Luster is a matte nude. It's a perfect colour to blend into crease as a transition shade. It doesn't show up amazingly well to my NC35 skin tone not because it's not pigmented but just too close to my skin tone. Which means it would a bit darker on girls with lighter skin tone than mine and actually shows up really well.

Reflective Elegance is a shimmery true rose gold. Such a beautiful shade just like the name, elegant and shimmery looking. My favourite colour out of the palette, I'd wear this colour on my eyelid any time!

Copper is King is a shimmery orange-copper. It's almost like a burnt orange once you swatch it instead of the name 'copper'. If you like warm eyeshadows then this is totally something for you

Shining Bright is a shimmery berry. Another super elegant and classic colour, could be worn all over the eyelid or around the outer corners for a soft natural look.

Rusty Petals is a shimmery  medium brown with pink reflects. A medium shimmer brown is always must haves to create most looks, and I'm glad they have this colour in the palette!

ZOEVA Rose Golden Palette - 2nd row
Foil is a metallic rose gold. The swatch seems quite similar to Reflective Elegance, but Foil is just a tad more golden. Another safe colour that you can wear on your eyelid and would always look good!

Just a Rose is a satin gold-copper. This shade looks a lot more golden when it was brand new in the pan. But once you dip your finger/brush in there, the other duo-toned colour then shows through (which you can see the in the photo of pans) and actually looks a lot more copper. It's a more subtle version of Copper is King and not as quite orange.

Golden Rule is a shimmery pale gold. A rose gold palette without a true gold wouldn't be completed, love how they included a cooler toned gold instead of a whole palette full of warm shimmery shades.

Harmony is a matte gray. This colour looks a bit more than just a typical grey, and what makes it look unique is that very subtle hint of blue/purple in the shadow. I've never had anything like this in my massive eyeshadow collection, that's pretty impressive!

Wonder Full is a matte dark brown. It's super deep almost looks like a matte black when looking at the pan. So pigmented and creamy, a great colour to have in a palette to darken the outer V or transfer a day-time look to smokey eyes.

Now here is the swatches and pan in one photo as reference:

I'm so glad this ZOEVA Rose Golden Palette is in my collection now, as it's still all wearable shades but quite different to my other neutral palettes. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for more neutral palettes, and is a must have if you love rose gold shades!

The amount of product you're getting, the high end packaging that is sleek and have lots of pretty details, for only $21.50! I think it's a steal! Can't wait to create some tutorials on my channel to share with you guys soon! 

Have you tried this Rose Golden palette from ZOEVA? Or have you tried any other makeup or brushes from them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below! xx

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* Item was sent as sample, all the opinions are 100% honest as always and not effected by any other facts!


  1. The colours are stunning! Totally up my ally, I have never tried Zoeva makeup before though!

  2. Oh my gosh all of these colours are so pigmented and gorgeous!


  3. Oh wow, what a stunning palette! Those shades all look lovely!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. oh I love it, Id totally buy this! makes a change from my usual neutral palette

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  5. OMGAWD. This palette is just utter perfection in a palette! I love LOVE the shimmery/satin finishes, the first row is just to die for! I just want to cut the palette in half and steal the first row from you! EKK! The first 3 shades in the second row too! I really would totally use the heck out of those shadows! I'd totally consider this in the future! Great review Bonnie!

  6. These colours are SO beautiful!


  7. A great buy!!!! The shadows are all so pretty! I'm particularly loving the top row!

    xox Kat @ Katness

  8. I know right, such gorgeous wearable colours but a bit different than all the normal neutral shades! So in love!! Thanks for the read Kat xx

  9. I only paid attention to their brushes before but now I'm so impressed with their makeup quality too, their lipstick and eyeliner pencils are the BOMB!!

  10. They are! Thanks for the read Katina! xx

  11. Exactly, still neutral shades but a bit of a twist ;)

  12. I know right, all these shimmery metallic shades are so beautiful, can't wait to create a tutorial for you guys!! It's not pricey at all either thank god!

  13. Bonnie, your blog makes me want to spend all of my money. Beautiful work on the upload. :)

  14. Haha sorry Katie! YouTube and Bloggers always made me spend so much money on makeup too... But that excitement receiving new makeup is just so amazing and makes me so happy every time haha!!

  15. After your swatches I really need this palette in my life. Reflective elegance, Foil and Shinning bright are my fav. <3

  16. This is beautiful! Your swatches make me want it so bad XD
    <a href="http://bearnberries.blogspot.com”>xo, <b>Jessie</br></a>


  17. Thanks for the feedback Jessie, really appreciate that! :)

  18. Thanks Anna that's good to hear you enjoyed the swatches xoxo

  19. Your swatches are amaaaazing! Lovely review as always Bonnie <3

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  20. Amazing pigmentation and great price too! I really need to try some Zoeva!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  21. Gorgeous colors! :)


    Maggie A

  22. wow so pretty especially the gray! i really wish shipping to the US wasn't so expensive, after looking at their site i fear I want everything!

  23. I feel like it's still worth it as their brushes are averagely a lot cheaper than Sigma, and are better quality!

  24. hmm are you a spokesperson for them? :P You make a good argument!

  25. Just saying the truth! ;) I'm a Sigma affiliate but I found I kinda lost the interest of that brand throughout the years, although I still love some of their eyeshadow brushes so much that I haven't fund replacement yet