If you've been on Instagram a lot and always checked out some makeup artists' posts, I believe you would of adored how beautiful ZOEVA brushes are by now! I couldn't hold myself back and finally got my hands on some of these beautiful brushes and tried out three makeup items too.

I've already tested these out for over a week now so I could tell you guys some of my brief thoughts.

330 Lip Contour* $9.50
Unfortunately I'm not impressed by this lip brush at all. The tip is quite fluffy and flimsy, and rather looks like a detailed eyeshadow blending brush. I just don't know how you suppose to use this to do precise lipstick application. A miss for me for sure on this one.

232 Luxe Classic Shader* $9.50
It's a great shader brush for applying shadows to the eyelid, and you can do a little bit of blending with it at the same time. Although there's nothing so amazing about this brush and I can live without it for sure.

109 Luxe Face Paint* $15.50
It's all about contour brush at the moment in the beauty world. I wish this brushes were out before my NARS ITA brush cause I honestly way prefer this brush. This brush is soft yet having the great density, and the perfect size for powder contour. I found the NARS ITA were a little bit too big for my face, and not to mention NARS ITA brush is $55.00 which is over 3 times of the price of this ZOEVA brush! This brush is a MUST HAVE if you're getting anything from ZOEVA!!

114 Luxe Face Focus* $15.50
I used to always apply powder highlighter with Sigma F35 and thought it was the best thing ever, until I met this wee fellow. The size and shape of this brush is way more precise and you can really control how much highlighter you want to pack on, the sheer amount for everyday look, or super dramatic highlighted look without damping the brush. Amazing!

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek* $15.50
This brush looks really similar to Sigma F40 at first sight, although ZOEVA 127 is a bit smaller and less dense. I found myself now love using Sigma F40 for applying bronzer, while ZOEVA 127 is the best brush I've found to apply powder blush. I need to order another one for my freelance kit next time!

110 Face Shape* $12.00
Another brush I swear by and can't live without now! I used to use Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for blending out cream contour around larger area. Now I found this ZOEVA 110 brush is the perfect size in between, while the density of this brush is perfect for blending out cream contour just like the Real Techniques brushes but it blends out the cream products way more detailed! The size is also small enough for nose area, instead of reaching out for another smaller brush which I used to have to do.

104 Buffer*  $18.00
This is probably the closet flat top kabuki I've seen from Sigma F80. They both buff foundation into your skin so evenly and create a flawless finish, must have brushes for anything foundation between medium to full coverage. The ZOEVA one is about $6.00 USD cheaper (Sigma F80 is $24.00), and might be just a bit prettier with ZOEVA's metal handle's design, so I surely wouldn't go back for another F80 if I need to add one extra for my freelance kit!

The ZOEVA Rose Golden Palette* ($21.50) is the newest palette to the ZOEVA eyeshadow palette collection. You guys know how much rose gold is in trend right now so I don't have to rub in the fact. The price of this palette is just above drugstore palette's price range, although the detail touches to the packaging and shadow quality is up there with other popular high end brands. I'll be posting detailed swatches and review of this palette TOMORROW here on the blog.

Two other makeup items I got are Luxe Cream Lipstick in Cross My Hear* ($10.50) and Graphic Eyes+ in Black to Earth* ($7.50). I honestly can't believe the price tag for ZOEVA's makeup! The packaging of actual product (especially the lipstick, it feels like my Urban Decay and Estee Lauder lipsticks packaging) and the boxes outside and the quality of the lipstick and eyeliner only charges drugstore price, they must be kidding me! I'm hooked with the formula of the lipstick and can't wait for them to add more colours to the range, and will definitely pick up more of their Graphic Eyes pencils too.

Overall I'm so impressed by the quality and design of this brand, and think the price tag is so reasonable for what you're getting. I can't wait to get my hands on more stuff next time! 

Have you guys tried any brushes and/or makeup from ZOEVA? If so what do you think about them? Let me know in the comments down below! 

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* Items were sent as samples, all the opinions are 100% honest as always and not effected by any other facts!


  1. The brushes you picked up all look so lovely! I've been meaning to do a Zoeva order for the longest time, but I can never narrow down which ones I want. x


  2. Haha I've been there too don't worry, I've almost added over 20 of their brushes to cart once when I was browsing...

  3. I've been wanting to buy some Zoeva products for ages! I've particularly got my eye on the rose gold set, but the Face Paint and Face Focus brushes sound amazing! I've heard great things about the lipsticks as well, the packaging is divine!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. The lipstick packaging and formula is at least up there with the $24+ high end ones, definitely will be getting more! And the Face Paint brush is a MUST HAVE if you ever get stuff form ZOEVA!!

  5. Wow, those brushes look great. I really want to try some of them but haven't had the opportunity or need to buy new brushes yet. Definitely on my wishlist though!

    xox Kat @ Katness

  6. I love their brushes, but I haven't tried any of their makeup yet. I need to pick up some of their lipsticks next time for sure!

  7. I thought I didn't need new brushes too, but then some of their face brushes look similar to Sigma's and other brand's but the quality though!! And they're so pretty!

  8. Go hard girl, only $10.50 a tube and you'll see why I'm getting a bit crazy about their packaging!!

  9. I am obsessed with the Zoeva brushes, must test out some of the makeup now! xx

  10. Oh my gosh the 109 brush looks so incredible!! x


  11. I've already shown using it in my new makeup tutorial on my channel, it's so freaking good for contouring!! So much better than NARS ITA!!!!

  12. The buffer brush looks gorgeous, i recently picked up some Zoeva brushes and love them x

  13. Their metal handles are so gorgeous aren't they! Thanks for the read Emma x

  14. That palette and lipstick both look stunning! I must pick up some more Zoeva brushes soon!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  15. I was so impressed by the pigmentation of that lipstick, and it's actually really long lasting too, I'm so going to get more of their lipsticks soon!