Time to Switch! + My Skincare Journey

Skincare is something that I take very seriously. No matter how much I love makeup and admit it's magic, I still believes that a good skin underneath it is the key to any flawless looks. I'm always out there to find the better and better skin care products for my skin type, and have been testing, trailing different things.

Today I'm sharing my skin care journey with you. From the products I've tried in last year, my thoughts on them, and the new ones I just started trying. Grab a hot drink cause this will be long, so let's go straight into it!

Since a teenager, I've always been using Japanese skin care products. Japanese are so obsessed with skin care and you can't believe how advanced they are with skin care products, even their drugstore ranges have some amazing stuff. I used to use a drugstore brand 肌研 (which I don't know how to pronounce in English or Japanese, so I attached a photo below) that was super popular in China too, and used it for years and years. The toner is so soft and moisturiser is hydrating but light; it has been the perfect skin care for that age, it's not heavy at all and super affordable.

Since I started working part-time on Shiseido and Napoleon counters in my local mall (which I quit the job last year and instead started doing freelance makeup), after learning about the products and trying the IBUKI range myself, I decided to invest some money on some high end Japanese skin care products. The IBUKI range wasn't cheap at all, even though I bought from Sephora US which was a bit cheaper than New Zealand retail price, but it still took a big bite out of my wallet. I really enjoyed the IBUKI Softening Concentrate and IBUKI Refining Moistuirser, until later on in winter! My skin is never really sensitive, but in winter when you get those super warm pink cheeks on cold days, your skin do normally get a lot more sensitive. I started to notice the fragrance in products started to sting my cheeks and made it really uncomfortable. 

I then had to pause using the Shiseido products in mid-winter, and switching to Simple, which is a UK brand that suppose to be budget friendly and doesn't contain fragrance or harsh chemicals. Without the evil artificial fragrance, my skin definitely settled down a little bit. Although I wasn't that impressed by Simple Soothing Facial Toner and Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Even the toner doesn't contain alcohol, I still found it was not hydrating enough and over-cleanse my skin, and the light moisturiser is lightweight but definitely not hydrating enough to give my skin any actual benefits. I wasn't very happy about them but still just kinda had to keep using the products, until winter was over then I went back to my Shiseido IBUKI just to finish them off.

After I ditched Simple and finished Shiseido,  I was really on the look for some more natural brands. Skinfood NZ, Origins, Juice Beauty, Jurlique were the 4 brands that I was looking at the most. Skinfood was the most affordable and the easiest to access one out of them, so I gave the Skinfood NZ Light Moisturiser a go. The moisturiser has all natural fragrance, and you can really tell how much natural oil and extracts in the product immediately, although I found it was waaaaay too rich and too heavy for my skin type. Whenever I use this moisturiser at night, my foundation doesn't stay on very well the next day. Therefore I stopped again.

Also a few other things on the side:
Shiseido Eye and Lip Makeup Remover might be the best one I've ever tired, but way too expensive to keep repurchasing as it's just makeup remover; Bioderma Micellar Water which I replaced with Garnier Micellar Water later on, as I found the Garnier one does a lot better job and more affordable (I'll do a separate post reviewing 3 Micellar Water I've tried so far); Olay Cleansing Brush that I enjoyed a lot but now I moved on to Clarisonic Mia 2 (will also make a separate post on, which I've already taken photos for), and the Simple Age Resisting Eye Cream that didn't tick any boxes for me.

Recently I fell in love with Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner. If you live in US I believe you must be familiar with it, it was the best selling toner in America in lots of drugstores. I didn't expect too much before I was trying it as it was so dirt cheap for a massive bottle like this. I completely underestimate this stuff, it's holy moly kinda amazing! Now I use this toner day and night, and I've also pour a small portion into a spray bottle to spray this on my skin during the day to refresh and hydrate my face whenever I feel like it. It is parenben free, and has a lot of organic and natural ingredients in there. $7.99 for 355ml and works like magic, I almost would pinch myself to believe something like this even exist!

Benefit Puff Off* is another thing that gave me a little 'wow' after I first tired it. I actually did a video review on it showing the instant result it delivers. Although I only use it for day time as it's more like an instant product rather than night time long-term result sorta eye cream.

I also showed Garnier Micellar Water and Clarisonic Mia 2 in the Skin Care Routine video I posted on my YouTube channel too. If you want to see it in action, click HERE to watch it.

As mentioned earlier, Jurlique was one of the brand on my 'natural skin care brands' list, I was lucky enough that I got sent some PR samples to try out. It was the perfect time as I was done with my other skin care products, which I talked at the start of this post. I've only started using their products for over a week so I can't make too much comments just yet. I'll wait till I've used it for at least a month before I report back to you guys.

After all the trials and fails, ah-hah moments and disappointments, here is my newly updated skin care routine, and let's see how it goes and I'll get back to you guys in a monthly ish.

Current Day-time Routine:
- Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
- Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum*
- Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion*
- Benefit Puff Off*
- Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF30+*

Current Night-time Routine:
- Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover*
- Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
- Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser*
- Clarisonic Mia 2
- Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
- Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum*
- Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream*
- H2O+ Oil-free Marine Hydration Overnight Eye Complex

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing my skin care story, from all the way back a few years ago to my current routine. Have you tried anything I mentioned either I liked or disliked? If you also do have combination/oily skin like me (plus sensitive skin in mid-winter), what is your holy grail skin care products that worked really well for you? Leave comments down below to share your favourites and I would like to know what didn't worth a try too! xx

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* I was lucky enough to have skin care items sent to trial, although it wouldn't affect any of my judgements towards the products, as they're what I'm using my own face so there' no point to be dishonest by any chance.


  1. I like this post :) I want to have Clarisonic so badly!


  2. I have combo/oily skin too! You should try introducing an acid exfoliant into your routine, it can really help balance out the oil!

  3. Hahaha I wanted a Clarisonic for YEARS!!! And finally bought myself one for xmas present last year. It was a bit bite out of wallet but totally worth every buck!!

  4. Hey Morgan thanks for the recommendation. Acid exfoliant sounds scary haha... I'm currently using Skinfood NZ's exfoliator and I really love it! Love the amount of almond oil in there, it's not too much to be greasy but just enough to keep you skin hydrated and soft after exfoliating. My skin is becoming more combo/normal now at the moment as Dunedin went straight into mid-winter last week haha!

  5. I am loving the micellar water! It even got rid of my breakouts after three days of using it which I thought was fantastic! Great post!

    Analesha xx

  6. That's good to hear! I believe cleansing is the most important step in skin care routine, so maybe the way you were removing makeup before wasn't enough and now your skin is a lot less stressed out after deep cleansing :) High five!

  7. I love the Body shop aloe line... so calming!


  8. Thanks for the recommendation x I normally just buy body products from The Body Shop but haven't tried any of their skin care products apart from the tea tree oil, I will go there next time to have a look f this Aloe Line! :) x

  9. How do you think the olay brush and clarisonic compare? Trying to decide which one to get

  10. I've already filmed a comparison video, will be posting it sometime next month or June xx