March Favourites 2015

March has been busy for me this year. I had my 23rd birthday, focusing on my blog a lot and making little changes (don't know if you guys noticed or not), and I've been dealing with a lot of bookings with my Freelance makeup work.

This month I'm trying to include a bit more products from other categories instead of only focusing on makeup like I normally do. Let me know what you guys think about having a bit of varieties, or do you guys prefer just seeing my favourite makeup products? Let me know in the comments below before we move on! 

Surprisingly MAC Lipstick in Rebel has made through the list this month, as when I first picked up this lipstick I didn't really like the colour on me at all. This month I'm just trying to work with the colour, the more I wear it, the more I've been enjoying this colour (pretty magic right)! It's a soft plummy purple colour that looks quite different on different skin tone. But at the end of day, this lipstick looks classy and easy to wear with lots of look, unlike most of other purples being harsh and hard to pull off.

I've been super obsessed with Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil in Red Essential* lately, or should I say I've actually been really obsessed with all the four shades I currently have?! The formula of these lip pencils are amazing, creamy, pigmented, long lasting, you name it! It's definitely not like a regular lip liner that feels dry and applies uneven on your lips and only good for outlining, these Velvet Lip Pencils are definitely on the creamier side for a matte lip product. Not to mention how amazing they smell (I reckon it's the smell of Cyclone ice-block, if you guys have it in your country)! I'm currently planning to collect the rest 6 colours, so I would have the full collection that is available in New Zealand and I will do a full swatches and review post for you guys on the blog here.

One thing I regret a lot is that I haven't tried Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Sand* until the start of this year! A lot of drugstore concealers have a super pink under tone (I know it's great for neutralizing the purple/blue under your eyes) in the products, due to my Simpson alike skin tone I actually prefer the undereye concealer to be a bit more yellow undertoned to brighten up the area. This shade is perfect for what I needed, and feels super lightweight under my eyes therefore doesn't crease at all! You should pick it up if you haven't tried it yet, I bet you would regret it like me that you discover it so late! 

I was never a big fan of cream blushes until I tried Benefit Majorette Blush*, which is a cream to powder finish, peach toned blush. I'm currently quite obsessed with any peachy coloured blush, I was so happy I got to try this blush when I received it from Benefit NZ as a Valentine's gift. The cream to powder formula made it extremely easy to apply just like a normal powder blush, while look just as natural on the cheeks as cream blush. Also the scent of this blush is amazeballs, you should definitely go have a sniff if you have a Benefit counter around you!

Skinfood NZ Mud Masque has been super popular on Instagram lately. I've even heard people compare them to GlamGlow face masks! I've always loved the face exfoliator from Skinfood NZ, so I thought I might as well give this 'Instagram famous' item a try when I was doing groceries at Countdown. I'm happy to say that I'm impressed! Glad to see another product that stands for the hype through Internet. The Mud Masque is very light weight and easy to spread around your face, smells fruity and fresh, really does what it claims to deep cleaning your pores and pulls dirts and oil out of large pores, with leaving your skin soft and clean after rinsing it off. Only paying $13.99 for such an amazing and natural product, there's absolutely not a thing I could be not happy about!

I don't have extremely oil hair, but somehow all the dry shampoo I've previously tried just haven't worked for my hair. They either don't work at all, or only looking good for an hour and make my hair look even oilier than the morning throughout the day. I was almost giving up on trying new dry shampoo until I met Fudge Dry Shampoo*! This is way more powdery than all the other dry shampoos I've tried before, you could feel the leftover powder on your hands (and even desk sometimes) after using it. The Fudge Dry Shampoo does look like white powder all over your roots when first sprayed on, although after working the products into your hair there's absolutely no white dots left on my deadly black roots. I'm so happy I finally found a dry shampoo that works for my hair, but I'm still going to hunt for more and one day I will do a dry shampoo collection and review post for you guys. 

I accidentally burnt my left arm pretty badly a few weeks ago. I posted a photo on Instagram asking what product my followers has tried for burns as my left arm was the swatching arm for blogging! I was so worried when I figured that out and really don't want it to leave a scar on my left arm, as my skin usually scars pretty bad. You guys left lots of comments (huge thank you to every single person left comment in that Instagram post) I took a few screenshots to bring to the pharmacy with me. The pharmacist suggested MEBO Burn Repair Cream for the burn I got. This burn repair cream smells like legit sesame oil therefore it made me so hungry craving for Japanese Ramen and Chinese noodle soups at night after I put this stuff on. It's been about two or three weeks now the burn mark is quite faded. I now switch to either bio oil or this MEBO Burn Repair Cream just leaving it on the mark to letting it fade away. I would highly suggest this MEBO cream to anyone just to leave it in your house. You could put this stuff on burns straight away after accident happens, and it works so well! Now I only wish I knew such a thing earlier in my life to stay away from scars from burn.

Have you guys tried anything I mentioned in this month's monthly favourites? If so what do you think about them? Or is there anything that you wanted to try that was mentioned, did you find my review was helpful? Let me know in the comments down below! xx

Here is also a video version if you guys want prefer watching video:


  1. Dying to try that Benefit blush ! x

  2. Remember to give it a sniff too, smells so good! x

  3. We use the MEBO burn cream at work (working with hot ovens often leads to burns). It is legit! Burns that should have blistered do not with this stuff! And the smell makes me hungry too hahaha