My First Ever Korean Makeup Haul

If you've ever read my 'About' page, you would know that I'm from and grew up in Asia for 17 years, although I haven't really caught the Japanese or Korean makeup trends since I only started really wearing makeup after 20, and mainly influenced by all the American YouTubers. 

Recently I've seen a lot of posts about the brand 3 Concept Eyes from some popular Instagrammers, and I've always heard about the brand Laneige whenever I went home (Shanghai) for holidays. Therefore I've been wanting to try these two brands for quite a while now but never got around to remember finding them online, so when a new Australian online makeup store Skinlosophy asked if I wanted to try any Korean makeup products, I said YES! And I'm so glad now that I did give these Korean makeup a go, let me show you why I'm so hooked now! 

Doesn't this contour duo remind you of the new Marc Jacobs #instamarc Contour Powder? That was my first thought! The highlight shade is a light satin champaign that gives a natural glow, and the contour shade is cool toned matte medium brown for some natural contour. As Korean doesn't do too much harsh contour compared to the current trend in the US. Although I really wish the contour shade has just a tad more pigmentation, then this contour and highlight duo would be perfect.

I'm OBSESSED with this highlighter so much! See swatches below (the third swatch from right) and I guess you could tell already why I'm so in love with this. It's such a beautiful light pink champaign shimmer that is a lot more shimmer than the highlighter colour in the Magic Touch Face Maker, which is a must have for evening looks to get that super dewy glow on your cheekbones.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to try a pink toned blush or a peachy orange one, so I got a duo blush to get to experience both. The pink shade is really girly and soft, while the orange colour makes you look so healthy and natural. You could also mix both to get the in between colour, one blush three looks, you can't beat that!

I love when jumbo lip pencils that could just be twisted up and not require sharpening! This is such a refreshing summery bright orange-red, the pigmentation is more than I expected and stain your lips for getting longer wearing out of it.

I really wish they had this mascara in black version too. Asian mascaras (it really reminds me of back then when I was 17 and first used some Japanese mascara) always have such amazing fibre too add length to your lashes, and make they stay curled without dropping down. The fixer side is a very interesting clear gel that holds your lashes in shape - it's kinda like a waterproof 'clear' mascara that holds the curls, without making your lashes too clumped up. At the same time just like other Asian mascara, this ones doesn't add too much volume as the 'natural look' is what the product was created for.

The lighter shade in the duo is a bit too light for my skin tone which is a shame as I couldn't really get much use out of it. Although the slightly darker shade (which is still quite light) is perfect for hiding my under eye bags and even out some red spots super quick. Being cream concealers, it does cover a lot more than liquid ones, although I would still set my underage with some translucent powder to prevent creasing, no matter what concealer I use.

Look at the pigmentation guys!!! (swatch 2-4 from picture below) Such a beautiful mini eyeshadow trio that contains three super wearable colours. They're all slightly warmer / more bronzed when swatched compared to pan colour. There is no matte shades in the trio, which is understandable as Koreans don't really use transition shades in the crease due to Asian's eye shape.

When talk about Asian cosmetics, mascara and eyeliners are always the ones take credits and tick all the boxes. This gel liner is so pigmented and smooth, and doesn't transfer to my lower lash lines AT ALL. I've been using it everyday since I got it, but the thing about gel liner I usually worries about is they dry fast, hopefully this one wouldn't be one of those.

This is an interested base makeup I've seen Michelle Phan has used in a few of her makeup tutorials. I was so confused what this was when I first saw her videos. Long story short, this is some BB cream in a compact that you push it out through the 'sponge filter' to get the products out. I'll be doing a separate review on the blog next week on this product specifically, as I was so curious about it before I tried. I bet you guys are quite confused what the hell 'BB Cushion' is right? Want to find out if it worked for me or not? Then wait to see my review post!

The brow kit comes with 3 different shade brow powder, 3 brow shape stencils, a mini tweezer, a mini brow brush and a mini spoolie. All three brow powder shades are all quite cool toned, which is right up my alley! Ashier browns make brows look way more natural and way more versatile - reddish brown eyebrows need to be GONE for good! I never really like the mini applicators that come with any makeup, even the high end palettes; so I'm going to ditch the mini tools in the compact so it wouldn't make silly noise when I reach for it. On the other hand, the brow shape stencils that came with it is actually a lot bette quality than other brow stencils I've seen before. The material is really soft and moulds to your brow bone, you guys will see me attempt to use it for the first time in the upcoming makeup tutorial using these products.

Below are the swatches of some products: (left to right)
Swatch 1: 3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon in Woman to Woman
Swatches 2-4: 3CE Triple Eyeshadow in More Brown
Swatches 5-6: 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker in Beige
Swatch 7: 3CE Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach
Swatches 8-9: 3CE Duo Color Face Blush in Peach Crush

Overall I'm really impressed with these Korean Makeup honestly. From the packaging (3CE has that sleek look just like MAC) to the details of the product. The fact that I got these products sent to me for free did not affect my judgement on them by any chance. You guys can see the swatches, and will see a makeup tutorial of me using these products in the next few days!

I'm so glad I finally got out of my comfort zone, and tried out some different brands that I've never tried before rather than the mainstream US brands that I normally purchase repetitively. I'm so impressed by 3 Concept Eyes especially, their product quality and packaging, reasonable price tag; everything is just so pretty and perfect! I would definitely recommend anyone to try out this brand's makeup, and would like to get more of their products in my collection in the near future!

Have you ever tried any Korean makeup brands? Or any other Asian makeup brands such as Japanese or Chinese? If so what do you think about them? Share you experience in the comments down below! xx

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  1. I've always been so curious about this brand! I especially love the packaging, it's simplistic but looks so so classy! That BB Cushion sounds so interesting haha. Can't wait for your other blog post on it! x

  2. 3CE's packaging is like the Korean MAC... haha. I was so curious when I saw Michelle Fawn using it too!

  3. I know this has nothing to do with the products, but just wanted to say that you have such a fantastic eye for detail when it comes to photography! Every time I read your blog posts I am blown away by your images! x

  4. Thank you so much Hannah, this is like the best thing to hear being a blogger. I've been doing a bit of photography since high school and always loved taking photos for blog more than making YouTube videos actually... I'll keep working hard to take better and better photos :) x

  5. 3CE has gorgeous products! I tried their under eye flash pencil and fell in love with it instantly! The eyeshadow trio looks stunning!
    xo, Jessie

  6. 3CE is a brand I have seen around quite a lot and everything here by them looks incredible!

  7. There's actually an Asian makeup store near me that stocks 3CE. I have one of their cream blushes (in a tube) and I don't love it, but I still want to try more from the brand! The highlighter and eyeshadows look gorgeous! I really want to try a cushion product too :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. Lol do you mean Michelle Phan? Not Fawn

  9. I really like Korean and Japanese beauty products. I am white and grow up in the U.S., so I discovered Asian beauty while traveling. I must say there are some amazing skin care products that are on par or better then Western brands (at least for me skin). The reason why I love watching/reading bloggers from different cultures is that I learn so much about beauty from all over. I haven't trying 3CE yet but I just might on my next Koren beauty haul. Thank you for the reviews.

  10. 3CE's Instagram looks incredible too, they deserve being a leading makeup brand in Korea, packaging and quality are both amazing!

  11. This under eye flash pencil sounds like magic, I'll keep my eye on that product for sure!! Thanks for the recommendation Jessie x

  12. cream/liquid blushes are always hard to play with, I recently just got rid of my elf HD blushes and I barely use my Benefit cheek tints too... Powder blush for the win! :)

  13. Haha I just realised that I've been typing it wrong! I'm getting her last name and her FAWN organisation name mixed up haha. Will go fix it now, thanks haha!

  14. Japanese skin care and a lot of base face makeup are incredible, Korean has been catching up in the past few years too. It's amazing to see that they're making some amazing products but we just barely heard of them cause the culture difference, crazy aye! Thanks for the read Jen x