HIT or MISS: Jessup Brushes Review

If you've ever joint some makeup/beauty related Facebook group, you probably have seen this brand called 'Jessup' that are only over $10 for 10 brushes, with worldwide free shipping all over eBay and Aliexpress! It's almost unbelievably cheap but do they actually worth it? Let's find out!

I purchased the 10 brushes set (which is the best seller set everywhere) for about $13, and the 7 eye brushes for about $15 on AliExpress at the end of last year. I'm not linking any certain pages here as prices on AliExpress and eBay are always changing, you should search yourself for the current best deals (just type 'Jessup brushes' and so many will come up). I've been testing all these brushes out for a while now, and have washed the bunch several times to give it a fair review.

Their 10 pieces kabuki brushes are all over the place on Internet. I have to say, they're amazing and 1000% worth the price! I've washed the whole lot a few times and I might of only seen one little hair have fell out during the first wash, other than that no bristles have been falling out the whole time!

The big kabuki brushes are dense and soft, unlike other dupes of the Sigma kabuki set, these are not flimsy at all and the material of the bristles are spot on! These kabuki brushes are great for applying foundation (flat top, round top, round angled), concealer (tapered) and other cream products. The only one that I personally don't really like from the whole batch is the angled flat top brush, it is a lot more flimsy than the other large brushes in the set. 

The small brushes are also amazing to blend out concealer, detailed cream contour, and to be used as eyeshadow brushes too. They are all flawless and I would not complain for one bit!

On the other hand, I'm not impressed by the quality of their eye brush set at all, in fact I'm super disappointed and have only been using one of them... The bristles of all these brushes are unevenly tripped on top, and far too flimsy and not enough hair to blend out anything really. You know what I mean? When there're not enough bristles, they barely could take any pressures to actually blend out your eyeshadows, that's what I'm talking about. Even though this set is only around $15, I would say skip it, you'd rater buy one high end good quality blending brush and use it everyday, instead of buying this bunch of rubbish and leave them at the bottom of your drawer, or use them and not being able to blend your eyeshadow out effortlessly. Just DON'T BUY IT!!! Don't buy this eye brush set! Trust me!

Now I'm safe to say that the 10 piece Kabuki Brush set from Jessup is beyond worthing the money, actually this is a steal! I've been using them a lot for myself and my freelance kit and I can't be happy enough. I would not even hurt your wallet if your dog chew on your brushes, or if you girl firend borrowed them and never returned... And the quality is super comparable to Sigma Kabuki Brushes!

But other than their 10 pice Kabuki Brush Set, I would not recommend any other brushes from the Jessup line. The bristles are trimmed well, and the bristle quality isn't great either. 

I hope you guys found this review is helpful. Have you tried any brushes from Jessup? If so please share your thought on them with everyone else here! Or if you've tried other brushes from Jessup other than these two sets, please let me know what you think about the ones you have too. I would like to know! xx


  1. Now that you have these brushes & like the face ones are you going to reach for them over Sigma brushes or a beauty blender? x


  2. The flat top kabuki from Jessup and the Sigma F80 are both in my freelance kit for foundations now (unless the super dry skin clients I still go for beauty blender). And the tapered kabuki and Sigma F86 both for client's under-eye concealer. I honestly love both brands just the same and reach for them really evenly when I'm working (I have double ups of lots of brushes in my brush belt so I don't have to clean them if there're just two clients in a row)
    For my personal use I normally go for the Jessup round angled brush for thicker foundations, RT Buffing brush for lightweight ones, RT Contour Brush for blending concealer quickly, and beauty blender for the occasions I want to look absolutely flawless :)
    Hope this isn't too much info ;)

  3. I have these and find for the price they are amazing! x

  4. That's exactly how I felt when I was buying them! And I ended up getting good use out of most brushes from the 10 piece kabuki set :) win win!

  5. Hi i have oily skin, with acne breakouts. I heard that the Beauty Blender gives a great finish but it tends to sheer out foundations. Thats not good for me because I like full coverage to conceal my breakouts. So would you say that the Beauty Blender is still good for the coverage I want or that I should go with a flat top brush?