Collection Lipsticks Swatches & Review

Most of you guys from New Zealand or UK must be quite familiar with this brand Collection already, if not have a read of my recent post. I've roughly swatched a few of their lipsticks at supermarket before when I was doing grocery shopping. Although the fact that supermarket is such a busy place to stop there and taking your time to try lipstick shade, I never got my hands on any of these lipsticks until I recently got sent some samples from Collection NZ.

These lipsticks are super budget friendly, yet with great formula and quality for the price (retailed for $14.99 NZD at Countdown exclusively). The finish and pigmentation of these lipsticks vary on the shades, which I will go through with you shortly down below. The colours I got were: Bubblegum*, Pink Shock*, Sweet Tart*, Mango Tango*, Passion Fruit*, Queen of Hearts* and Sugar Plum*. 

Below is photos of all 7 lipsticks in tube and swatches on my arm:

And below is all 7 lipsticks swatched on my lips:

Bubblegum* is a pale barbie pink cream. This is the least favourite colour out of 7 lipsticks I have. I personally just don't suit super light or pale lipsticks, due to my skin tone they always look washed out and unflattering.

Pink Shock* is a bright pink cream. It is very blue toned and bold, but still works on my skin tone unlike Bubblegum which looked odd on me. I think this colour would suit girls with blue eyes and lighter skin tone a lot, if you're a fan of pink shades.

Sweet Tart* is a pink coral shade cream. I like when bright coral shades aren't dead matte, which makes it softer and easier to wear instead of looking a bit like highlighter pens on the lips. This shade is perfect for spring or summer when you want something fun but not out there.

Mango Tango* is a true coral cream. It's a very close shade and formula to Sweet Tart, but just a tad more coral and less pink. It's also great for spring or summer just like Sweet Tart.

Passion Fruit* is a orange-red cream with gold glitter. I really wish this lipstick wouldn't have glitter in the tube as it's such a gorgeous bright red! Although I'm not a big fan of any glitters in lipsticks, no matter if they're chunky or fine - it's just not my cup of tea.

Queen of Hearts* is a deep red matte. This is the most matte and most pigmented shade out of all 7 lipsticks I got. The pigmentation of this lipstick is beyond amazing, and is the type of undertone I like in reds. No surprise, Queen of Hearts won my heart out of all these lipsticks I have from Collection.

Sugar Plum* is a pink-plum satin. Unlike my huge dislike towards glitter in lipsticks, I'm normally half and half on lipsticks with glitter - some of them disappointed me, and some others wow'ed me - I think Sugar Plum is the second situation! The amount of the shimmer in this lipstick isn't too much, but enough to make your lips look so much fuller than it actually is. Also the colour of the actual lipstick is a really soft wearable plum shade too, which is a colour that I'm currently loving for the current weather (fall changing to winter) in New Zealand.

After trying these 7 lipsticks, I'm safe to say that Collection Lipsticks are definitely great lip products for their price tag. Most of these shades are super pigmented, creamy and comfortable on the lips and wearable. Although Bubblegum* and Passion Fruit* these two shades weren't something I would repurchase.

What do you guys think about the lipsticks after seeing my swatches? Also let me know if you've owned any Collection Lipsticks, and leave comments down below to share with everyone your thoughts on them! xx

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  1. LOVE the look of Passion Fruit! How gorgeous!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Sugar Plum looks soooo nice x

  3. Mango Tango is my kind of shade! x
    Emma |

  4. I only wish it doesn't have those gold glitter in Passion Fruit :(

  5. Another shimmery lipstick that changed my mind!

  6. It's such a pretty summer shade! Thanks for the read Emma x

  7. Passion Fruit looks lovely! I actually tried some collection lip products when i was over in the UK last year. They definitely are really great quality for the price tag!

    G.J - A Personal Style, Beauty & Lifestyle blog.

  8. I really wish Passion Fruit wouldn't have the gold glitter then it would be such a wearable orange-red colour. I'm just not a fan of texture having glitters in lipsticks. But other than that yes they're definitely great value! Thanks for the read Georgia x