All About Contour Kit: Australis VS Anastasia

I'm pretty sure Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Kit was one of the products brought the huge 'contour' trend to us. A lot of similar products came out in the market one after another trying to copy the trend leader. Australis brought out their AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit which looks like an exact dupe to the high end version from Anastasia. The similarity made the Australis Contour Kit so popular that I only just got my hands on this 'hot shit' only about two weeks ago!

I've already read tons of review of the Australis Contour Kit before I got my hands on it. I've seen such a mixed review on it, some saying it's a great dupe and others were swearing some nasty words on the contour shades. The mixed review really made me doubt myself if I should or not take the extra step to collect both. The super affordable price is calling me so I still couldn't just be blind and not trying it in my life, it wouldn't hurt to try it and if I don't like it it's not the end of the day.

Price wise, the Australis AC ON TOUR Palette is $16.95 AUD from Australis or Priceline in Australia, or $21.50 NZD from or Farmers in New Zealand; Anastasia Contour Kit is $40.00 USD from Sephora and other retailers in USA, and $89.95 NZD in New Zealand from

I've owned Anastasia Contour Kit since earlier last year and now I've used Australias Contour Kit for about 2 weeks, I feel pretty confident to tell you guys my thoughts on both palettes, and the difference in between. So no more bullshit, straight into the point.

The photo above is Australis Contour Kit and Anastasia Contour Kit side by side getting photographed. The two palettes are almost identical in size (Australis is wider and Anastasia's one is taller, both only by a few mm), although pan size on Australis is just a tad larger than Anastasia. I can't say that the Australis contain more products than Anastasia, as the weight of the products are not listed anywhere, which could lead to a shallower pan that we could't tell.

Also the colour of pans are almost identical from both palettes, is Australis Contour Kit a spot on dupe of the more expensive Anastasia Contour Kit? Let's find out the truth by swatches!

First is a swatch photo of the Australis AC On Tour Palette on its own. All the colours are super pigmented, and actually more pigmented than the Anastasia Contour Kit, but wait till the end to see if being more pigmented is good or not!

Now let's compare swatches of highlight shades from both contour kits. As you guys can see Australis did a pretty damn good job by copying the lighter shades, the powders are highly pigmented, buttery and very smooth. The Shade 3 from Australia is slightly more apricot and Sand from Anastasia is a bit more pale pink. But other than that, all 3 highlighter shades are perfectly duped!

Now it's term for the contour shades, you guys could clearly see that there's a huge colour difference between the contour shades from both palette from the swatches now right? Both Shade 4 and Shade 5 from Australis is a lot cooler toned and way darker than Java and Fawn from Anastasia; Shade 6 looks pretty close to Havana both colour and pigmentation though. That's when the mixed review kicks in, hard! 

The contour shades from Australis is almost over pigmented that a lot of girls found hard to blend onto their skin, and they're getting called 'muddy' and 'not workable' at all. After trying them out for 2 weeks, I could safe to say I love the Shade 4 from bottom of my heart so much (cause it's cooler and slightly deeper than Fawn from Anastasia, which used to be my favourite contour shade), although Shade 5 is actually way too grey and too dark to work on my tanned skin tone even. Shade 6 and Havana are both just as good to be used as matte warm bronzer.

I found that the powder were over pigmented (I can't believe I would ever say this, usually pigmentation is the more the better, but not neccasary in this case) which means I barely need to touch the pan with brush, and still tap my brush before applying to hollow of my cheeks. And all the swearing about the powder not being able to blend out, I could only say that those girls must be way too heavy handed and didn't give the product a second chance after knowing its pigmentation. I could totally work with the formula of these powders and still blend them out. Products really get all the blame sometimes, and especially in this case I think it's not fair!

My final conclusion is that the highlighter shades from Australis is spot on dupe and I actually prefer Shade 3 over Sand from Anastasia as I like slightly warmer toned shimmer highlighters on my skin. All the contour shades from Australis are a bit over-pigmented, although after some practice Shade 4 actually became my favourite powder contour shade ever!

I would totally recommend Australis AC ON TOUR Palette as a dupe of the Anastasia Contour Kit to anyone with skin tone equivalent or darker than NC30, and I don't recommend it to any lighter skin as the contour shade is quite dark in the Australis one. Or if you're someone just looking for some matte and shimmer highlighting powders, get the Australis palette to save some $$$ and you'll thank me later.

Have you tried either contour palettes? What's your thoughts on either of the products? Or if you've tried the Australis palette, what do you think about the mixed review of the products all over the Internet? Leave comments below to share it with everyone! xx

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  1. When I saw the Australis one was being released I was so excited as I didn't want to splurge on the Anastasia one due to being a newbie with contouring. They really are spot on, and while the quality of the Anastasia one is probably better, the Australis one is an insanely good dupe. My favourites are definitely the highlighting shades, though. x

  2. Yes! Thank you Bonnie! I've always trust your review :) I wanted to get the Australis when it came out but there was so much bad reviews on it so I ended up skipping it :( I think I'll buy it as a bday present for myself for my 21st now because of you :) keep up the good work!

    Abigail Judd

  3. It's a shame Australis does not ship international.

  4. I wouldn't necessarily say the Anastasia one is better quality, the powders are just less pigmented therefore easier to control the pigmentation for most of people. The Australis contour shades do take a bit of practice otherwise it does go 'muddy' like a lot of people complained on

  5. Thanks for the feedback on my reviews Abigail, such a good to thing to hear after working hard on my reviews! :) As long as your skin tone is similar or darker than me, and don't be too heavy handed and take some practice, you will definitely love the Australis contour kit!

  6. Yea I know, lucky we have in store and online stockists in New Zealand, maybe have a search online you might find somewhere sells their products. Thanks for the read Dani x

  7. Caitlin Rose DevonshireApril 24, 2015 at 7:02 PM stocks Australis (they're a registered stockist too) and they ship worlwide 😊

  8. Thanks Caitlin for helping out others! x

  9. Oh wow that's so interesting that the contour colours look almost identical in the pan but completely different when you swatch them!
    I personally didn't get on with the Australis Contour kit because it was so muddy & powdery.
    Fantastic post Bonnie :) x

  10. Oh they don't ship in Italy :( so sad... even if it's not a perfect dupe I really like it.

    Have a nice day !

  11. I know right, they look exactly the same colours in pan but swatches come out so different! And I don't think girls with skin tone lighter than NC30 would be able to work with the contour shades as they're all quite dark and 'too pigmented', Australis should of realised that as they're focusing on Australia and NZ market, you thought they would of tested products on lighter skin tone wouldn't they, strange!

  12. There's a girl replied in a comment down below that there's an online store that is official Australis stockist and ships worldwide

  13. They ship worldwide BUT not in Italy... lucky !!! ahah

  14. The colors were looking quite similar at the start! I find having one good contour shade is enough haha so I like my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil! Your blog is amazing, love the beautiful pictures!

    Raincouver Beauty

  15. I'm a bit OCD about contouring haha, I now use Benefit Hoola just to go over the sides of cheeks and then use Shade 4 from this Australis contour kit to get into the details right on the hollow line of the cheekbone. I found Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is way too warm to contour, I could only use it as a bronzer :(
    Thanks for the read and the feedback Angela! x

  16. Really useful! And the swatches were great!!