Mini Haul ft. #TheFrankEffect

I believe if you use Instagram a lot you would of at least known or already tried these coffee scrubs from Frank. There are a lot of little brands started making coffee scrub now but as far as I know, Frank was the FIRST.

I couldn't hold myself back and bought a pack of the original scrub at the end of last year. I've been using it once ever 2 or 3 weeks, or sometimes before I fake tan. I feel like I've had it for a while and only just about to run out, as every time you don't need too much to scrub through your whole body.

The original scrub smells legit like coffee as it's coffee scrub, duh. But something made it smell even better is that it has a hint of orange scent. It is not overpowering and made the coffee scent even more fresh and more interesting. 

While scrubbing yourself with Frank scrub after using shower gel, your skin actually feel a bit oily in a good way, as a good amount of almond oil was left on your skin. You could use the scrub to exfoliate both face and body, but I would recommend to rinse off the oil with some help of a face was, as the amount of almond oil left on the skin might break out on some people. And I don't use a shower gel after scrubbing, and please try not to either. The almond oil makes your skin SO soft after you towel dry yourself. I've tried quite a few body scrub or body exfoliator whatever you like to call it, but nothing works like Frank! You absolutely don't need any body lotion after shower.

One thing that is a little bit frustrating is that the coffee scrub could get real messy in the shower. It takes a few good rinse to get them all off the walls / glasses in the shower room, but the extra work is totally worth it!

I ordered two new packs as back up before I ran out of my current pack (I'm super OCD, I can't have favourite products running out, always super prepared with backups). I got another Frank original scrub cause how much I loved my first pack, and I also got the Cocao scrub this time, apparently it smells like chocolate cake?! I hope so! Can't wait to try it out next time in the shower!!

Have you tried any scrub from Frank? If so what's your favourite scrub from them?


  1. I have heard so much about this and it's definitely something I would love to try!

  2. This has been popping up on my Instagram every so often! It looks so nice! It'll be an indulgent product for me I reckon, as I like to have quick showers.

    xx Kat @ Katness

  3. I feel the same way about my favorite products, I always have to restock before I run out.

    Maggie A

  4. I don't use this all the time and it is quite time consuming when using it. But every two weeks or so I love using it to give my skin a wee treat and it smells so amazing!!

  5. Definitely worth all the hype, I'm glad I finally tried it out last year!

  6. I've got more frank stocked up in my bathroom. So keen to scrub away my stupid stretch marks! #womanhoodnothankyou! x

  7. My boyfriend got some bad stretch marks from him growing crazy at his early teen. But man boys are so lazy! Otherwise he could of fixed it with frank + bio oil 🙈

  8. I've only heard good things about this product and I'm just dying to try it! Hopefully I can place an order after I use up some of my other body scrubs!

  9. It's so different to any other body scrubs I've tried. Even though I love the smell of my Soap & Glory one, but I had to say that there's no body scrubs are so moisturising like Frank!