Body Pampering with Lusciousness

Season is changing for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Our skin always needs some extra care during the season change. While looking after your face well, don't forget other areas of skin all over your body too as it's just as important. I just discovered some new body products from Anatomicals, and all I could say it they are so luscious!

For a two step simple body pampering, it's not actually necessary  to use an extra body exfoliator before body cleanser - don't forget the good old exfoliating gloves. While you're on the run, we could simply cut down three steps into two, by using an exfoliating gloves with Anatomicals "100% not Chanel, but cocoa all the same" Cocoa Body Cleanser*. I didn't think I would like a cocoa scented body wash, but I was totally wrong! This stuff literally smells like either chocolate ice cream or chocolate slice, I still couldn't decide which one out of two scent but they're both delicious. It's not too sweet, and not too overpowering by the cocoa scent either, everything is balanced so well and it smells so on point. The body wash smells amazing while you're in the shower, but once you come out and dry yourself, you don't have too much scent left. It's actually good for a cocoa scented body cleanser, as you wouldn't want to smell like you just ate a tub of chocolate ice cream and forgot to wipe your mouth; also you would be able to use any scented body lotion to layer on top, and they wouldn't fight with each other.

Straight out of shower after drying yourself, it is the best time to put on some moisturiser as your pores are still open and they're ready to drink up all the moisture. I followed up the first step and using the Anatomicals "not another rough day please" Vanilla Body Lotion*. Chocolate + Vanilla, that was my plan. A dessert like luscious pampering, who wouldn't want that? The body lotion is very light weight and absorb into the skin very quickly. It also leaves a beautiful vanilla ice cream sorta smell too. 

I almost felt doing some baking as I was craving for some chocolate cake after I first tried these two products together. I also asked my boyfriend Joe to try the body wash. He was like "ewwww Cocoa body wash" before he tried it, and walked out of shower looking all happy and couldn't stop talking about how good it smelt.

Apart form the amazing scents of the Anatomicals products which I probably should stop raving about, their packaging is always super cute (which I've mentioned in my post about Anatomicals "get your filthy hands on me" Passion Fruit Hand Soap). Especially the writing "100% not Chanel, but cocoa all the same" for the body cleanser, I had a good laugh about it.

With all the amazingness mentioned above, Anatomicals still have a super friendly price tag, which is another reason I do believe and support this brand. The creative and eye-catching packaging, amazing smell of the products, a friendly price - you can't go wrong with this! Anatomicals is available at Countdown in New Zealand, and at Target & Priceline in Australia.

Have you tried any of the products from Anatomicals if you're from New Zealand or Australia? If so what do you think? If not then you should definitely go out and grab something from them, then you would know why I couldn't stop raving about the smell of everything!


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