Turned 23...

Last Saturday on 28th March, I turned 23. It's the 6th birthday I've celebrated in this country called New Zealand, my second home. Birthdays kinda seem unimportant once you've past 21st, but still heartwarming every time.

The night before I made my partner Joe to paint my toe nails as a treat. I was actually in a hurry to do both finger and toe nails as it was getting too late at night, so I made him. It's 2nd time Joe doing my toe nails, but I would say he actually did just as good job as I would doing my own toe nails! The next day me and Joe went to Farmers Market on Saturday morning as every other weekend, and had a catch up lunch with his dad. Flatmates made cards and picked up little gifts for me too. Sounds strange but it was actually the first time ever I've received flowers in my life!

Chilled for afternoon (saying chilling but I actually secretly had to work on my YouTube and blog for a bit, also handling some bookings for my freelance work too ha), and headed to my favourite Chinese restaurants for BYO dinner with flatmates and friends. The night ended for me with the little accident happened to my right ankle (sprained about 6 times in these three years) when we were playing beer pong (what a dangerous game)... I did not make it to town, just like so many other nights!

It is always hard to celebrate important dates when you're away from your parents. Not just in a different city, but all the way from Northern to Southern Hemisphere, 6 years in a row. Homesick always kicks in every now and then, and having an adorable cat (that I miss a lot) far away at home makes it worse sometimes too. I'm so grateful that I have my partner Joe being on my side all these years making me feel like home, and the belongingness. I'm so thankful for all the friendship I've made these years in New Zealand too.

The day and night was so basic but full of amazingness. I had so much in my mind before typing shit post, but I suddenly don't know what to say as I started typing. I will just leave this post kinda plain and boring, but that's just me. 

Thank you everyone who add a little awesomeness to my day. Especially all the birthday comments from the Internet friends I made, you guys!


  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had an amazing day even though it was simple. x


  2. Happy B-Day !!!!!!!