Benefit Puff Off Review | Coolest Eye Gel EVER?

There is an interesting eye gel that just came out in market lately. Not surprisingly, Benefit Cosmetics brought out a new eye gel with super creative name, packaging and product wise is pretty unusual at the same time too. 
The little iron picture on the outer packaging directly let you know that this eye gel is especially functioned as a 'iron' to smooth out your under eye area. But not just the function works like an iron, it actually came with an 'iron' applicator!! The metal tip really does a job to make your under eye feel cooling and more awake when you use it. Also the eye gel itself is super cooling and lightweight, which is the type of eye gel I would love to use in the morning!

The application is shown in the picture above. Simply squeeze a small amount of eye gel out of tube, do a few dots under your eyes. Then using the 'iron' tip to spread out the product evenly under the eye area. Once most of the product is absorbed, then I just my ring finger to gently pat the rest of products into your skin. 

Once you wait for a few minutes, you could easily see a difference from before and after (as picture below shown). I was surprised to see such a change instantly. It is still not a dramatic change (not like you don't have under eye bags at all any more), but the subtle difference it makes is super easy to be seen in person and on pictures. 

The product itself also feel super cooling under your eyes after the application. It makes your skin feel fresh and tight, just love that feeling wouldn't you!!

Benefit Puff Off Review
Left side of picture (my right eye) is after using the eye gel
Right side of picture (my left eye) is without
Although I still have one concern about this product - the metal tip again! I feel like using the metal tip to 'iron' through your under eye feels super nice and it is fun, although I'm a bit concerned about some hygienic issues. Wouldn't the bacterial be easier to travel back to the tube if you use the metal applicator to apply the products ever single time? I personally rather squeeze everything out and apply with finger tip just for hygienic reason (who wants pink eyes right?).

Even though the metal applicator of this eye gel has pros and cons, I still think this new eye gel is the coolest under eye treatment I've ever seen or used! Also the instant result is amazingly impressive. I would highly recommend anyone to at least try this in the store, and I would personally keep using it as a morning eye gel and would repurchase this!

I also have a video review down below if you want to see application in action:



  1. Gah! I need one! my eyes are ridiculously puffy in the morning!

    1. Haha me too especially when I just wake up in the morning!

  2. this was such a good video :) x I can really see the difference on your eyes :D! x

    1. Glad you guys could see it and found it's helpful :) xx

  3. Ohhhh this sounds like a goodie! I definetly want to pick this up on payday!
    xprincessjas | ♥