SauceBox Forbidden Fruits Palette: Swatches & Review

To be honest I was very unfamiliar with SauceBox when I first talking to the owner at I quickly went onto this brand's Instagram and immediately saw a bunch of amazing review and feedback from their customers. Are they worth the hype? I got this SauceBox Forbidden Fruit Palette* and let's see what made people love this brand so much? 

First of all, the pan size! We're talking about the same pan size as Anastasia Contour Kit, and these are just eyeshadows! For the amount of products you get in each pan, it sure worth the price already. Due to the pan size it also makes the products a lot more versatile, as I've seen a lot of people use their matte 8 pan palette (Etude palette)for contouring too.

All the swatches above are swatched on my bare skin without a primer. Overall I found these eyeshadows are pigmented but still a bit powdery without a primer, and they appear way more bold and smooth over an eyeshadow primer. I expected them to be a bit more buttery (such as Lorac Pro palette) than the actual texture.

Forget Me Not is a baby pink shimmer. This is my favourite colour in the palette as I use this kinda light shimmer colour all over my mid-lid for most of my everyday makeup look.

Lava Love is a strawberry red matte with golden shimmer. This shade is super pigmented and very bold and you guys can see. Would be great colour to make a statement although I haven't figured out how to work with it (I've tried and it didn't turn out well at all haha).

Tu-Tu is a bright fuchsia satin. Another super pigmented colour from the palette. Same as Lava Love, I'm not bold enough to rock these two colours but I can see them as beautiful bright blushes on ebony skin toned girls.

Berry Pink is a medium red-toned plum matte with a subtle hint of silver glitter. This is a very versatile colour that can work with most of neutral makeup look, in the crease or outer V - you name it! Although I wish this shade doesn't have any glitter, just matte would be perfect.

Plumtasic is a blue-toned plum matte. I really expected this colour to be more pigmented than it is. The colour looks a lot darker in pan, and with swatches it doesn't show up as much pigmentation. A little bit disappointed but still a great colour to work in crease area.

Grape Fruit is a medium rosy matte. Being not as bold as Tu-Tu, this shade is a lot more wearable for a pink toned eye makeup look. The pigmentation is promising and the texture is quite velvety.

Overall I found that the quality of these eyeshadows and the pan size is amazing for the price tag. And being cruelty free is always a good thing. Although I don't find myself reach for these shades as much, I'm still a neutral girl when comes to eyeshadow.

What do you guys think about the look of this palette? Would you rock the bold or stay with neutrals? Leave comments down below to let me know what you think.



  1. At first glance, I thought these were blushes!!!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

    1. Quite a few shades are actually wearable as blushes :)

  2. These are such beautiful colors! They look so pigmented! Definitely adding this to my Wishlist X

  3. Those colors are absolutely beautiful!

    Maggie A

  4. I've never heard of this brand. The colors are really pretty though. I will have to check them out :)

  5. I've been eyeing their etude palette, but now I am completely taken by this one! Lava Love, holy smokes that is a beautiful shadow. Thanks for sharing!

    -Elizadeath Taylor| Beauty Blog