Get Your Filthy Hands On Me // Anatomicals Passion Fruit Hand Soap

Today's post is something slightly different. Not makeup, not skin care, not really beauty related, but something smells heavenly good...

If you guys know me, I'm a sucker of all the fresh fruity scents when comes to body wash, hand soap, shampoo those kinda products. I've seen some pictures on Instagram lately about this new brand (or at least new to New Zealand) Anatomicals. I was all in as soon as I saw their colourful, bold packaging. I also noticed that most of people bought their products were all raving about how amazing they smell like. 

Of course I couldn't pass it when I heard about this Anatomicals Passion Fruit Hand Soap*. My boyfriend Joe is obsessed with anything Passion Fruit, I thought it would also be a surprise for him.

Packaging wise, I don't need to mention how cute the colours are for sure. The pump is one of those new design for beauty products, you can turn the pump to choose either 'lock' the pump or turn it back 'on'. The thing I love most is the little "Recycleman" on the back of the packaging. It says "Is it a bottle? Is it a tin can? Is it a cardboard box? No, it's Recycleman. And if you don't recycle all our packaging, he'll track you down and recycle you." How cute is that? True instant love right here!

Now let's go back to the actual product itself. The hand soap consistency is a lot more liquidy than I expected but that doesn't bother me. The most interesting thing about this hand soap is its texture. It feels freaking SLIPPERY when you wash your hands with it. I was worried it wouldn't rinse off easy since it's so slippery almost feels like hair conditioner. I was wrong, it gets rinsed off just instantly. After a few use, I found this slippery feeling is super fun for some reason - I love it!! Also the myth about Anatomicals scents are legit! It does smell so amazing. 

Believe me or not. I honestly wash my hand more often than I normally do since the day I got this hand soap. The packaging, texture and the scent, everything adds a lot more fun to hand washing. The price is also affordable too, it is available at Countdown in New Zealand so you know it's not something from the high end market. I would highly recommend you to try out something from Anatomicals if you haven't tried or heard of it yet.


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  1. this sounds like it smells amazing! I recently got a lipbalm from the Body Shop in the scent passion fruit and its so lovely!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter