Stila "Eyes Are the Window" Soul Palette Swatches & Review

You guys can't imagine how excited I was when I first saw these Stila new 'Eyes Are the Window' Palettes on YouTube. That moment of "I have to get this!" made me click the order button on Sephora straight away! I was so glad I waited and didn't get Stila's famous "In The" range of palettes and got the one from this new collection instead. Packaging and colour range of these palettes and way better! So today I'm sharing my review, thoughts and swatches with you guys of this new Stila 'Soul' Palette...

Stila 'Eyes Are the Window' Soul Palette
As you guys can see the packaging is super compact which I loooove! There's no room wasted in the palette (no unnecessary gaps, or those stupid sponge applicator even, YES!!), while mirror size is huge on the lid (another PLUS). The packaging is shinny gold which looks super luxurious. They even wrote all the shade names at the back of palette which saved even more room but still letting you know the name of each colour. Flawless all around for packaging, I think they did an amazing job on this honestly!

Now let's talk about each eyeshadow:
Stila 'Eyes Are the Window' Soul Palette - Swatches Row 1& 2
Light is a matte nude. This is probably the only colour I think doesn't have enough pigmentation in the whole palette. It's a great colour to highlight your brow bone but I would like it to be slightly more creamy and more pigmented.

Individual is a matte light brown with strong warm undertone. The colour didn't appear as pigmented on my skin tone when I first swatched it on my arm. Although it shows up really well when I actually applied on my eyes. It is a great warm under tone matte brown to blend out eyeshadows in the crease.

Being is a matte dark brown. Great pigmentation, actually almost too much. You have to be quite careful applying this matte brown to your crease, a tiny little bit would do your job. This would be a great colour to put on outer V to easily darken the outer corners and instantly smoke things out!

Kitten is a shimmery champagne. You guys have no idea how long I've been wanted to try this colour. I almost bought the Stila "In The Light" palette just for this colour, and I almost bought the single eyeshadow in this shade not long ago. I'm pretty sure this is one of the most well-known Stila eyeshadow shade. It is so pigmented and looks just so amazing all over the eyelid. Now I can safely tell you this eyeshadow worth every bits of the hype!

Affection is a shimmery dark rose gold. I wanted to call this a bronze, but it does have a pretty strong warm under tone (sorry if this sounds confusing, I'm not 100% great at describing colours).
This colour would be so gorgeous to create a bronzed eye look.

Character is a matte deep brown with fine pink glitter. I'm glad these pink glitters aren't chunky at all, so there wasn't any fall-outs when I used it. It is a gorgeous colour to use at outer corner of eyelids and the pink glitter really gives a subtle twist.

Stila 'Eyes Are the Window' Soul Palette - Swatches Row 3&4
Thought is a shimmery taupe. Extremely pigmented, so easy to apply. I would definitely using this colour to create some wearable smokey eye looks. Kinda remind me of "Pewter" from Lorac Pro Palette but with a lot cooler undertone.

Heart is a matte light taupe. Another great matte crease blending colour just like the shade "Individual". Cool and warm tone blending colours, this palette got both covered!

Peace is a shimmery warm brown. This shade is quite similar to "Affection", but slightly deeper. Would totally use this colour to create a brown smokey eye look.

Vitality is a shimmery light gold. God I love this colour! I always wanted neutral palettes to include lighter golds instead of bold golds such as Naked Palette and Lorac Pro. Stila Soul Palette finally completed this wish for me! :) Similar finish to "Kitten", just one being more salmon and one being more golden. In love with both of them!

Substance is a shimmery silver. I haven't seen a silver this warm before. Most of my other silvers are definitely on the cool side but this one is actually kinda warm. Warm silver sounds weird right? But here is one.

Essence is a matte black. As black as you can imagine! I had trouble removing this eyeshadow off my arm after swatching! Smokey eyes, outer V, you name it. Just make sure you're carefully using it cause it's ridiculously dark!

Stila "Eyes Are the Window" Soul Palette Swathces
And here is a picture of the palette and swatches side by side. You guys can clearly see how they're all super pigmented and true to the colour of the pan. And all these colours could all work so well together! $49.00 USD, 12 gorgeous eyeshadows, and such an amazing flawless packaging. I think it's totally worth the price!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review. Have you got one of these "Eyes Are the Window" palettes as well? Would love to know your thoughts on the other 3 if you have tried them, cause now they made me want to get the rest 3 from the collection! Oops... ;)

Have a lovely day everyone! xx


  1. Amazing swatches! This palette looks stunning, I really love that they have both warm and cool shades, awesome range. The warm silver looks so unique! And I totally agree, I often find the golds in the Naked and Lorac Pro palette way too warm and bold! That gold looks perfect :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. So glad someone else found those two golds are too bold!! Thanks for the comment Tasha :) xx

  2. These palettes are just so so beautiful. I was really torn between the Soul and the Mind palette, but I think it's going to have to be Soul. The packaging really is gorgeous as well, I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging!

    Angie || the maquillage

    1. I really couldn't decide before I got this too. I almost added all 4 palettes to my Sephora cart haha :P

  3. Considering of purchasing this pallet! But it is so hard to decide coz all of them have great shades! Great swatches btw.. xx

  4. I love this palette! But Stila isn't available in my country :/

    1. You probably can get them on Beauty Bay, they ship to all countries for free! :)

  5. YES YES YES! Everything you just mentioned about no useless applicators, no giant gaps between the shadows or bulky packaging! AHHHH I love the swatches, I love the colors! I might have to get one of these...instead of the naked palettes! (hehehe, I don't own any of them!)

    1. I would recommend this Stila Soul or Lorac Pro over Naked palettes!

  6. What gorgeous shades! Such a pretty palette!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. Great swatches! This palette looks beautiful :]

  8. They're both really pretty and pigmented! I'd say if you like champagne ish colour go for this, and if you like gold and mauve then go for the original Naked Palette!

  9. I ordered both Spirit and Soul. Must say, I had many looks at your article before ordering and drooling over the lovely colours. As I often apply my makeup on the go (i.e. on the bus or in the bathrooms at work) it's so handy to have a few fail safe palettes and these ones have so many shades in a such a compact palette. Have to wait another few weeks before they arrive (Beautybay is the cheapest but they are SO slow!) and I can't wait. Hope they'll live up to their expectations.