Maybelline The Nudes Palette Swatches & Review

I'm probably a bit late on the board to get this palette. But hey it's not my fault, getting this palette all the way from US to New Zealand is not that easy, especially that it was always sold out online when it first came out...

All lovely wearable neutral shades, plus good amount of mattes and shimmers. Packaging isn't cheap plastic feeling but the simple and sleek look isn't too bad at all. And it's only for 10 USD! Do you think this palette would make other high end brands loose business for their neutral palettes? Follow me down the rabbit hole to find out...

Now is the swatches time of course. All the colours doesn't have names like high end ones, so I'll just number them from Shade 1 - Shade 12.

Maybelline The Nudes Palette Swatches - 1st row
Shade 1 is a transparent shadow with peachy reflecting shimmer. The colour isn't very pigmented at all and took me a lot of swipes to get the colour show on camera, not a fan.
Shade 2 is a satin taupe . The pigmentation of this colour is okay, not the best not the worse. It's a very lovely neutral colour to work with on eyelid, outer V or crease, super versatile.
Shade 3 is a matte cream. Terrible pigmentation, one of the worst matte cream shade I've used from all the neutral palettes I own. And matte cream normally are quite useful in a neutral palette, what a shame.
Shade 4 is a shimmer bronze. This shade is definitely the most pigmented one in the first row. Very on point colour and easy to work with.
Shade 5 is a matte / satin light taupe. It looks completely matte in pan but somehow when I swatched it I can see a sheen and some shimmer. A very nice though, pigmentation isn't too bad.
Shade 6 is a matte deep olive brown. Even though it's a matte it's quite pigmented and smooth to work with, me likey.

Maybelline The Nudes Palette Swatches - 2nd row
Shade 7 is a shimmer light brown. Super pigment, such a beautiful colour. Probably my favourite shade out of this palette.
Shade 8 is a matte medium brown. Again somehow it shows a bit of shimmer just like Shade 5. You can't really see the sheen with bare eyes though, I would still say it's matte. Pigmented, and easy to work with.
Shade 9 is a shimmer gold. I love when gold looks a bit more washed out instead of intensive super yellow gold. I quite like this shade for this little weird reason, plus the pigmentation is great!
Shade 10 is a shimmer dark brown with red reflective shimmer. Such a beautiful colour combination! These red shimmer isn't too overpowering, but so beautiful and easy to notice. Another love from the palette.
Shade 11 is a shimmer champagne. The pigmentation isn't too bad for a light colour this time. It's the same colour category as the famous Stila 'Kitten' and Makeup Geek 'Shimma Shimma' shadows, but the pigmentation is still nowhere close to these two.
Shade 12 is a matte black. Terrible pigmentation for a black, this is all I can say! Probably one of the least pigmented matte black I've used.

Here is a picture of the actual pan and swatches side by side for comparison.
Maybelline The Nudes Palette, pan and swatches comparison

Overall this palette has some up's and down's for sure. A few colours are just such beautiful easy to wear colours as a neutral palette, but the lack of pigmentation and texture of a few shadows from this palette is putting me off quite a lot. But for $10 USD, I think it's done enough to make a decent drugstore neutral palette.

Therefore I would recommend people on a budget that can't afford or haven't owned any other popular high end brands' neutral palettes. But if your'e someone already owns millions of neutral palettes (yeah but it's just my weak spot, I can't stop getting more...) it's probably not worth spend $10 to get this. Save those $10 towards your next dream palette might be a smarter move.

Have you guys tried or own this palette? Do you like or dislike any colours from this? Comment down below to let me know. Love you all! xx

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  1. I did a review on this as well. It is so perfectly versatile! It definitely became my favorite palette of the year!

    Maggie A
    LOVEMAVIN | Blog
    LOVEMAVIN | Youtube

  2. Ohh this Palette has such a selection of colours for a fraction of the price! ^ ^

  3. Gorgeous neutrals! I need this palette but I actually havent seen it in stores (I havent been to the makeup aisle lately!).
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  4. Love the shades, so gorgeous and wearable!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. I have heard a few mixed things about this. The shade range and the shades themselves are really gorgeous, though I think I will have to pass because I already have enough eyeshadow - with good, pigmented and creamy formulas I might add!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. It looks great especially for girls on a budget. Awesome colors :)

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  7. I do love the colors but I think it could use a peach or pink as well. This hasn't released over here but if it sells for the average $15 US like the regular quads/duos at the drugstore I know this will sell out! I would skip this too, they look good but the inconsistent quality isn't worth the investment for make up junkies. I would totally gift this to someone starting out in make up though!

  8. This palette looks like a pretty good one. I might just have to purchase it. Thanks for sharing love.

    Caylah ♥ | | Latest Post - Fall Scarlet Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

  9. I want it!!! Looks so gorgeous! Excellent review thank you so much.

  10. The palette is definitely lovely but not worth the money for inconsistencies. Especially for some like me who lives in NZ. Would make a good gift though and the colours do look love. Just a shame some of them aren't that pigmented.

  11. This palette is so nice gorgeous shades too! I haven't seen it in stores near me yet xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  12. this looks fab really want to try it!!! xx