Mani Monday: China Glaze 'Charmed, I'm Sure'

The busy schedule made me hardly could breathe and for this reason I really haven't paint my nails like I normally do. So here is another nail post finally! Have you guys been missing my Mani Monday posts? I bet...
If you follow all my Mani Monday posts you would probably already figured out I'm usually a bright or pastel nail girl, but hey it doesn't hurt to change it sometimes does it? ;) I finally digged a darker shade out of my nail polish drawer and painted my nails with it. It's called 'Charmed, I'm Sure' by China Glaze. (It's from 2013 Fall Collection, sorry you probably wouldn't be able to get this now)

I would call this a deep purple or deep plum. The colour varies quite a lot in different lighting, sometimes you think it's just a dark purple, and sometimes it almost look like completely black! The colour was super pigmented, 1 coat will probably do for some people but my OCD obviously made me do that perfect 2-coat application.

I think I quite enjoy wearing this nail polish though, having a bit of change is always fun! 

Have you guys tried this nail polish? Or do you have any other favourite dark nail polish would recommend me to try out? I would like to know! :)

Have a great week everyone! xx


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  1. So beautiful. I always love a dark nail.

    Maggie A