Get It or Not?! Fresh Sugar Legends Holiday Set

I saw this new Fresh Sugar Lip Legends holiday set on Sephora the other day. I was so attempted to get this set after how much I've been enjoying my mini Fresh Sugar Rose...

The two photos above are from Beautylish's post "This Sugary Set Has Your Lips Covered for the Holidays". Estee from EssieButton has also confessed her obsession with the Fresh Sugar Tulip in her videos a few times. I'm so attempted to try out all these colours! But for the price, $55 (valued at $79) for 7 mini deluxe sample size tinted lip balms (full size ones are $22.50) I'm a bit not sure if I should push the "add to cart" button or not...

Wish I never saw it on Sephora, cause now I'm in that stage can't make decision...

Here is a photo of my own Fresh Sugar Rose. Which I got as a free deluxe sample from Sephora when they had it on their "Weekly Specials" page

I was never a tinted lip balm girl, until I tried this stuff and also the Benefit Posie Balm (which I did a review post on)! Now I'm hooked with high end tinted lip balms, they're just from another world compared to those cheap drugstore ones! The Fresh Sugar Rose is so moisturising while the color actually shows and lasts on your lips!

Has any of you guys tried or own any of these Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments? I really don't know if I should get them or not. Please let me know your thoughts so I can stop stressing out and keep checking my Sephora "Love" page... Need your guys help please!!



  1. Omg, I want this set! If you have the money I would definitely say get it but it can be hard to spend $55 on lip treatments. These are by far my favorite though. Very useful with winter coming around especially if you live in a place that gets cold and dry.

  2. These sound absolutely amazing, and I've heard so much about them! I do really like tinted lip balms, but oddly when they're not /that/ pigmented? These ones seem like they have awesome moisturisation power though haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I think that since you've loved the small one you have and if you have the chance to smell/swatch the others I would totally say go for it. It's such a freaking good deal! Especially if you don't have so many other tinted balms to pick from in your collection! We have sets of only 4/5 pieces of these here and they sell for almost the same price! So you've got an awesome deal there!

  4. this is such a cute set, all the colours are so pretty! x