My 1st Benefit Lipstick: Juicy Details

Love at first sight! When I went to Auckland about two weeks ago, I got this beauty: Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Color in Juicy Details. I've had a few mini Benefit gloss but this is officially the first ever Benefit lipstick I own...

Juicy Details is a natural coral. The official description is a 'natural pink' but I think this is a fairly warm colour to be a pink. Benefit Hydra-smooth Lip Color has 3 different pigmentation, sheer, medium and full; Juicy Details is from their medium range. Therefore the colour is quite pigmented but yet not a full coverage lipstick which makes this a very natural and flattering colour to wear for everyday.

Packaging wise, I think this is hands down the most creative and unique packaging I've seen as a lipstick! I've own some more fancy looking ones than this, but the way the box looks, and how it fits in the tube packaging when you first opened it. It really made me adore Benefit's packaging even more after seeing this.

This lipstick contains Shea, Mango Butter and Vitamin E, which makes it extremely smooth to apply and very hydrating. I was worried that this lipstick wouldn't last long due to how moisturizing it is, but I was wrong! This lipstick actually stain your lips! Believe me or not, I had trouble removing this swatch on my arm with makeup remover wipes.

Overall I am in love with this lipstick, and can't wait to get more of these when I get a chance next time. I've never paid attention to Benefit's lipsticks before other than their face products, but now I'm hooked! This is just such a gorgeous lipstick to wear everyday or just leaving in your hand bag. ♥



  1. I love this lipstick! I have Talk Flirty and I adore the color ~ the packaging is just gorgeous!

  2. I have the same one and absolutely love it!

  3. This looks beautiful all around! The packaging is soo gorgeous! And that juicy glossiness of that color is sooo pretty! I can see this being perfect for everyday wear!