Personal Talk // Auckland Weekend

I think this is going to be the first ever somewhat personal post I've ever done on this blog. Since English isn't my first language so I hope you guys are not expecting any fancy writing from me (you guys must know I'm not a fancy person anyway). 
As you may or may not know, I went to Auckland last weekend for some events and meetings. It wasn't my first time being in Auckland but it became one of the most awesome trip I've had in a while cause of all the amazing people I've met up there...

Thursday night. Flew up to Auckland. Got to the hotel. Raining night. Unpacked all my stuff. Attempted to do a vlog but it just did not work at all. Quickly deleted the embarrassing footage and went to sleep. Being nervous about the next two days in an empty room. A super boring and random night full of messy thoughts.

Friday morning is when all the awesomeness started. I finally met Bronwyn from ChinChimenee in person (we've known each other from YouTube for so long) and we filmed two videos together early in the morning, "What's In My Travel Makeup Bag" and "Beauty Scenario Tag" which you guys will see on my channel and Bronwyn's next week. We were planning to go to a really nice cafe somewhere in Auckland after filming but we totally ran out of time! (#slowpeoplesproblem) And I had to go for a quick meeting with one of the manager from Benefit NZ. Tamsin is just such a nice, kind and classy lady, I don't even know enough nice words to describe her personality. There were some exciting news but I'm just gonna keep the surprise for a bit longer hehe. Later on I had some drinks with the owners of Adrian and Claire. You guys wouldn't believe how much I talked with them! I felt like I haven't talked as much as that night in this whole year!! They are just such a cool couple! (Me and Joe are going up to Auckland for a wee holiday in the coming up summer, a double date may happen when we go up there ). The night didn't just stop there. I also had a dinner date with one of another YouTube friend I've known for a very long time too, Samantha from DolledUpBySamantha. The food we had were some really interesting kind of middle east Asian food. Gosh that "Little Dragon Taco" were so weird but delicious! I can still remember the punch it had in the flavours. The yarns I had with Samantha were just hilarious, the stories about grumpy drunk Bonnie could never get old, oops haha.
I was super tired running between places that Friday, but I think I had smile on my face when I went to bed that night :)

Saturday morning, baaaaaam! My other super close friend Sophie arrived the hotel really early in the morning (my eyes were still puffy from the lack of sleep two nights in a row) and became my one day room mate. We filmed a "Get Ready With Us" video and I had to run to the first ever New Zealand YouTube Creators Day which was officially ran by YouTube/Google. There were some really great tips in the seminar. It definitely pointed out a few things I need to improve and pay more attention to with my channel. It was such a neat little event that I got to meet so many awesome YouTubers I did and did not know from all over New Zealand. I felt so sad that I had to quickly run to go to my next event. But here are some photos of me and some of these awesome people:

Avish from We had so much fun copying each other's answers in that "Ice Breaker" game haha.

Tara & Ellen from These two sisters have awesome fashion videos and blog posts, you guys have to check them out!! (You guys really made me wish I had a sister!) 

Adz from Good luck on doing men's fashion blog or videos, we need some men's fashion guru in New Zealand for sure! You go boi!!

Sam from This guy makes super funny videos. I've actually watched lots of his videos after found out about his Facebook page had had some good laugh haha!

Ryan from The very proud Sunday Magazine buddy of mine. It was so awesome finally met you in person and you were just so bubbly and fun to be around!

Charli from Super stunning and professional are the impressions Charli gave me both in person and from her channel. Love your videos!!

Chase from Wouldn't be surprised if you turned out being a film maker in the future. Super talented in everything, make sure you check out his channel and enjoy the quality of his video and the awesome music he makes!

Shirley form This girl has the voice of angel. Remember to check out her music on her channel, they're amazing!

Steph from She's such a nice person, we talked a lot that night! Steph does beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. I'm sure you guys love all that stuff since you're one of my followers, so have a look of what this girl does too :)

Jamie from We didn't talk that much on Saturday but I love this photo haha!

Sherry from We actually knew each other down here in Dunedin before I started YouTube. Well Dunedin is a small world!

Arneen from This girl just started out her makeup channel, have a look of her tutorials when you guys get a chance. So proud more girls are doing beauty channels in New Zealand now! :)

Bronwyn from Thank you so much Bronwyn, I finally got relax and confident about vlogging on the street when I met you on Friday. Hopefully seeing you in Dunedin soon when you come down!

Britney from I love the videos Britney makes, they're somewhat personal, and I just get a warm little buzz in my tummy when I watch her videos. Need to hang out with you more next time!

I also met Smay from from and Tenani from as well. Didn't get photos with them though :( But next time!

Then I went to the Shaaanxo's Auckland Meet-up at Benefit counter in Newmarket, and also the 1 million subscribers celebration party Benefit NZ made for her later on that night. I'm not talking into too much details since I've already mentioned everything in my Auckland Day 2 Vlog which you can watch on my channel or down below at the end of this post.
Later On I got back to the original group and chilled outside of a bar crossed the road from Sky City, had some food and drinks with these awesome people. I can only say that it wasn't enough time, sorry running between places that day and didn't get to hang out with you guys properly. But I'm sure next time it wouldn't be as much of a rush. These people are so down to earth and it was honestly some quality time we spent together. I smile just looking back to the photos and videos I captured, like I knew these people for ages or something, but not. I don't know, there's just something similar about us I guess. And saying "see you on YouTube/Instagram/Twitter" as goodbye must sound weird but I actually really liked it, really really liked it.
On the way back to hotel I was too busy on Twitter on the bus, I almost got lost in Auckland by getting off bus late. Somehow I found the way to go back even without Google Map for once! (my phone's GPS only worked once on Sunday when I was in Auckland which was super weird)

Sunday was just such a chilling and shopping day for me and Sophie. Auckland was warmer and sunnier than ever, it made saying goodbye even harder. #Slowpeoplesproblem of course caused some issues again, I was running late to airport! Lucky slow people always have backup plan. Thank god there's such a thing as FlexiTime from Air New Zealand. I got to change flights for free even I've already done online check-in. Thank you Air New Zealand, honestly!

Back to Dunedin, back to my normal busy schedule trying to find balances between my last year of uni study, YouTube, Blog and freelancing makeup work (so glad I quit my part time job working on makeup counters, sacrifices really does make life better sometimes). That warm feeling in my belly when I think about how much fun I had in Auckland last weekend just turning into big motivations now. 

Thank you YouTube, my blog, and all the people have been supporting me on this journey. I wouldn't even had any of these fun experiences if I didn't start all these things last year. I think that was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I'm lucky and grateful for all the magic is happening at this my own little space that some others actually care about and appreciate.

Thank you Auckland, thank you everyone I met last weekend. All the shits and life are getting real now! This trip really made me sure that my little silly dream is likely turning into a potential full time job in the future. 

I have such warm and happy feeling in my belly these days, almost ridiculous. Alright, enough emotional non-sense sentences from Bonnie for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed a little personal post from someone isn't that good at English.

Night night world. Have a great day/evening everyone from everywhere of the world 


P.S. Here are the Auckland Vlogs I did for this trip:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:



  1. This was so well written Bonnie! And I know exactly the feeling you mean!! I think the Creator Day finally made YouTube feel REAL for me if that makes sense. Like this really could turn into something big for me one day if I work hard enough. Like you, I feel so motivated now and I absolutely loved meeting everyone in Auckland. I'm so glad we got to talk a lot at the deli! - Charli xx