MOTD #2: Lazy Day but High End Day

As you guys may not know, I'm in the week of mid-semester break at the moment, and this is the first ever mid-semester break that I have absolutely no assignments to do! Therefore the little Bon Bon turned into a lazy little person, couldn't be bothered filming for my YouTube channel, or putting normal amount of makeup on, while still don't want to look crap, ummm...

It's a really simple and minimal makeup look, no eyeliner at all but I can never live without a good brow and lots of mascara. Somehow all the products I reached for are high end, thanks to the Huge Makeup Haul I did recently. Since this is all fancy and pretty so I thought you guys might be interested to see what they are, and my thoughts on them. 

This foundation has an amazing coverage for a powder foundation. But make sure you moisturise your skin super well before applying this, since it does seem to make your skin feel slightly more dry, but it stay matte really nicely all day and doesn't get greasy like some liquid foundation. Highly recommend this to oily skin but big no no to dry skin girls.

I don't know why this Benefit concealer got so much bad reviews on Internet. I think once you figure out the purpose of this product it's amazing! I only use this under my eye area and it does amazing for covering dark circles, and DOES NOT CREASE like some other people said. It only has light to medium coverage so I don't use this stuff for spot concealing, I've tried and doesn't covering anything really. But it's surely great for under eye area, I really don't know how other girls would hate this product so much...

As you guys can see on the photo, mine broke a little bit when it got shipped, but lucky I fixed it with some rubbing alcohol! I'm absolutely in love with bronzer, blush and highlighter, just everything in this little palette! The bronzer is slightly cool toned which is so perfect for bronzing and contouring at the same time, and it's matte too which is just so natural. I don't think I need to tell you too much about the blush, just look at the colour, girl it's just so beautiful! It's also matte as well so it looks quite natural even if you put quite a bit on. And the best part of this palette is the highlighter! The glow it gives it's just unreal! It's hard to believe but I think I love this way more than my theBalm Mary-Louminizer now, crazy right?! But you have to try this highlighter yourself, then you would know why I'm so in love with it.

I've raved about this brow pencil enough time in my last a few monthly favourites and haul and everything. Best brow pencil ever in the market, best ratio of wax and pigments. I have no words to describe how amazing this product is and how much it changed my brow game!

Finally got my hands on more Anastasia's brow products. I love using the lighter color in this duo to fill the inner tips of my brows now, they make everything look so natural and not "drawn on" at all. This saved my brows again! Anastasia's Brow Wiz + Brow Powder Duo is all you ever wanted to make your brow look the best, I use these two EVERY SINGLE DAY now and can't live without them!

Can we give this mascara the best mascara packaging reward? I bought it surely for the actual product though. I tried a Sephora mini sample of this Maxi Lash mascara and fell in love with it without knowing how the full size packaging looks like. But the first time I saw this mascara in person when I was opening the full size product I ordered, I held my breath for a few seconds, honestly. I love how it gives so much volume in a few stroke, and doesn't clump up at all no matter how many coats you apply. Amazing product, amazing packaging, win win!

Another product that I always rave about. I've talked about these lippies in my Monthly Favourites, Yearly Favourites and Lip Product Addict Tag, cause they're so freaking GOOD! I love the bright shades a lot but this shade Liar is just such a gorgeous nude! And the long lasting power of these lipsticks, the creaminess, I really think these Urban Decay lipsticks deserve more attention in the market!

Have you guys tried any of these products? What's your thoughts on them? I would like to know :)

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  1. I love the Flushed palette by Urban Decay. It is so versatile, because you can use them as the bronzer/highlighter/bronzer or use them individually as eyeshadows too.

    1. Ahhhh how could I not think about to use it as eyeshadows!! The highlighter shades and the matte brown can definitely go on eyes! Thanks a lot Zoe now I'm gonna love it even more <3

  2. I also own the Urban Decay Flushed Palette and love using it, especially if I'm travelling. Dying to try out some Anastasia brow products x

    Beauty with charm

  3. You have some amazing products, i love the naked flushed palette! The lipstick you have looks so gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. I really want the UD Streak Palette... it looks so gorgeous, especially the blush xx

    Gemma |