Be Bold: Lime Crime Liquid Liner in Lazuli

 I got this Lime Crime Liquid Liner in Lazuli for my birthday a few month ago. It was sitting in the drawer for ages I almost forgot that I have this even! I was tidying up and found this again, and thank god I did...

I've owned quite a lot of Lime Crime lip products, their velvetines and lipsticks are amazing (click HERE to see my swatches of some of these lippies). But this is the first product I own from Lime Crime that is not lippies! Their whole liquid liner line is extremely pigmented. Lots of fun colours with amazing pigmentation, you can't beat this right? I was too scared to try their liquid liners before because some colours are a bit too "fun" for me, and could be hard to wear. But this blue is just the right colour for me to start playing with colours in summer, it's not too out there, but still bright at the same time.

Have you guys tried any of these Lime Crime Liquid Liner before? If you haven't, what colours would you be keen to try out?

Have a good weekend everyone! xoxo




  1. I love lime crime they have so many beautiful products and the thing I love most about them is that they are colourful! :D
    This colour looks fabulous, I have ordered Quill :D
    Melissa ♥ || TheInkedBlonde

  2. I have been eyeing these liners off they come in some amazing shades but the blue is the exact one I have been looking at getting!
    Thanks for posting this!
    I am wanting to try more of Lime Crime's products!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Yea Lime Crime's stuff are so bright and bold! I'm still not brave enough to try lots of their products, but I'm getting there ;)
      Your comments are always so sweet Holly xoxo

  3. Out of all the shades I totally would only get this one! I love cobalt blue a lot! I'm sure this is going to look amazing on you!