MOTD #1: Minimal Makeup for Sick Days

Final exams of 1st semester are coming and I'm sick again... :( I feel like I've been quite sick twice already in the last a few months. Maybe the flat we're living this year is way too damp? 

Anyway, here's a quick MOTD to share with you guys. Super minimum makeup look that I've been wearing these days. It takes about 5 minutes to do this makeup and makes me look so much better...

Products I used in order:

- Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation (O60) HERE
- Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (Very Fair / Light) HERE
- Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso) HERE
- Anastasia Brow Wiz (Brunette) HERE
- Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara (Black) HERE
- MAC Lipstick (Ravishing) HERE

If you guys are in New Zealand and Australia, then stay warm for winer, don't get sick like I did... Have a lovely day everyone!



  1. Hope you start feeling better quickly Doll!!
    But these are some beautiful products... Ravishing lipstick stunning, Anastasia Brow Wiz amazing, Milani Bake Blush so pretty and Shiseido's foundations are divine!
    I think you are having it colder than us at the moment... I'm in Melbourne and tomorrow will be our first kinda cold day of 13ºC lol still nothing to what I have seen in NZ!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Thanks Holly! <3 The highest temperature in Dunedin is lower than 13 these days... I'm going home to China in a few weeks though, and will be there for 3 weeks. Can't wait for the heat there!!! :D

  2. It's always typical to get sick around exams, isn't it? I have to say I love the Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso, I heard that they have brought out matte versions..? Have you tried them?

    Ellen Rozalia |

    1. Yea I guess stress always make everyone easier to get sick. I've already got the two new matte baked blushes, both are pink shades one is baby pink color one is super pigmented fuchsia that have to be really careful with. Still super pretty though <3