Mani Monday: Tape Nail Art

After my last and first "Mani Monday" got amazing feedback (thanks for everyone who commented <3 ), I decided to commit to keep doing Mani Monday, even just some plain nail polish swatches...

Last Saturday I wanted to try something more challenging and this is what happened. Both hands almost took me 3 hours because I was the first time I tried to use those super skinny nail tape (got them from HERE). It was honestly so time consuming and you have to be super careful. AND the annoying thing is that my China Glaze top coat smudged my design!! :( I bought a new top coat straight away after this and it's on the way now! My heart was literraly broken when I saw the top coat smudging everything...

Here is an picture I posted to my Instagram when I was half way doing it:

Look how clean it looks when I first did it!! And then the top coat just ruined it... Oh well, next time!

Polish Used:

Base Coat:
China Glaze "Strong Adhesion Base Coat" HERE

Top Coat:

China Glaze "Fast Forward Top Coat" HERE

Nail Polish Colour: 

Wet N Wild Salon Nail Color "210C Tropicalia" HERE
Australis Nail Polish "Sitting on a Cloud" HERE

Nail Tape:

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Striping Tape HERE



  1. Beautiful nails!!
    I love the lattice effect!!
    and the colour choice is stunning!
    xo Holly xo


  2. Beautiful design! I love striping tape!
    It's been a while since I've used it but when I do I always love the design it gives

    x x

  3. Love this nail design, love the layout of the tape!

    I've also nominated you for the versatile blogger award!