LiLash Before and After (4 weeks) | LiLash Serum Review

If you guys followed me on Instagram, you probably saw that I finally bought LiLash last month to test it out. As promised, I'm going to do a 4 weeks (1 month) update, and another update around 3 month point...

I assume lots of you guys would of heard/seen some amazing results from either LiLash or RevitaLash and some other lash serums over the Internet. After seeing the results of LiLash of two girl at my work, I started to pay attention to all the different serum brands.

After a little bit of research my focus was on either LiLash or RavitaLash. Both work well and have lots of amazing before and after comparisons but I noticed that LiLash seems to make most of people's lashes longer and thicker, while RavitaLash seems only add length and not so much volume.

Here is a picture of me with no makeup on at all. Top was day 1 which was on taken 23 April 2014, and the bottom was taken on 26 May 2014 which is about 4 weeks / 1 month time.

If you guys look at my left eye (right hand side on this picture) in the "before" picture on the top, I barely had much lashes on that eye! I used to be really self conscious about my short and thin Asian lashes, but now so many new lashes (and still lots of baby lashes are growing).

Both sides of my lashes have definitely been thicker and longer after just 4 weeks. You can't see as much of a length difference in the picture but in real person, you can tell a huge difference! And my lashes are a lot more curled naturally which is amazing for my super straight Asian lashes.
My boyfriend even thought I was wearing some really natural looking falsies the other day when I only had mascara on!!
I'm definitely going to keep using this stuff, and update you guys again when these lashes keep growing longer. ;)


  • Does work on almost any type of lashes, even short and straight Asian lashes like mine
  • Add volume and length to your natural lashes


  • Really pricey! (but I feel like it's worth it cause it actually works)
  • It made my eyes quite dry when I first started using it, and then the dryness went away after about a week


Overall I definitely recommend this stuff  to everyone! It is super expensive I have to say, but since it works so well I feel like it's totally worth it still. The only thing is that you have to remember to use it everyday for the first a few month. And then after you achieve your ideal results you can start using it only a few times a week to maintain. Although if you stop using LiLash completely your lashes will go back to how they normally are.
* Be careful about replicas, make sure you buy it from legit sources! There're a lot of replica of LiLash over the Internet.



  1. The result so far looks amazing! Made your lashes looks fuller compare to your 1st pic! Some people have experienced growing hairs around the eyes area, did it happen to you?

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

    1. I put them as close to my lash line as possible really carefully, so it hasn't been anything like growing at wrong place ;)

  2. Awesome results!! I've heard sometimes these products can cause browning of the eye, did you experience anything like it?

    Maggie A

    1. You mean browning the actual eye color? I've heard this too. Apparently you have to be careful choosing eyelash serum if you have light blue/green eyes. Since my eyes are dark brown naturally I don't think I would have any problem on this one, or not that I can tell by any chance haha...

  3. Ooh I can totally see the results, they obviously wont be instant but I would probably be so impatient with it!
    xox, michelle | alovelyallure

    1. It's getting even longer now in the 2nd month, I'll update you guys again at a 3 months point maybe. It's so worth the wait and money!! I did not expect this stuff to work this amazingly well! :D

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