March Goodie Box Unboxing | March 2014

It's the start(ish) of April so here we go: another Goodie Box Unboxing for the March box!
If you haven't heard of Goodie Box is a New Zealand monthly subscription box that is similar to the Birchbox in US. You pay $25.00 NZD plus $5.00 shipping each month and you get at least 5 goodies in the box, either deluxe sample or full size ones...
Here is my unboxing video. Watch it down below or CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

This is a quick look over all the products in this month's box. The first thought when I opened this box I was like "oh no doesn't seem like I'm getting much out of this box". Was I impressed by this month's box or not? Watch my unboxing video above to find out! And also keep reading to see some more in depth review about everything!

1. Aveda | Hand Relief
Full Size 40ml, RRP $15.00
I got full size sample, values $15.00

Official Description:

Powerhouse Aveda brings you this rich moisturizing cream packed full of plant essence. Infused with vitamin A and E to help hydrate from the inside out, while making your skin firmer and softer. Pure delight!

My Thoughts:

I tried this straight away in the video even. It was a really nice hand cream, super moisturizing and I like the subtle scent! But full size is only 40ml which doesn't impress me at all, come on, my L'Occitane hand cream is 200ml tube!! This can make a lovely hand bag hand cream but I wouldn't buy such a little product for $15 bucks to use at home everyday.

2. Angel II Provence Range | Orange Flower Shining Colour Shampoo & Colour Protect Hair Mask
Full Size 400ml & 300ml, RRP $39.50
I got two 8ml sample, values $0.45

Official Description:

The change of season calls for an indulgent hair treatment. Specifically designed for coloured hair, its natural protein factors will protect against further fading and heat damage. The protective hair mask will strengthen hair from within whilst the organic orange flower and rose extract smell divine. TIP: Leave shampoo in for 2 minutes to make sure it absorbs all the essential nutrients.

My Thoughts:

I'm really interested to try out some deluxe hair products, but come on, foil packs?! I'm sick of having foil packs to try out cause they only last you once or twice. I like to have slightly more deluxe sample to try out from Goodie Box, so this brand already left a bad first impression for me...

3. Angel II Provence Range | Helichrysum Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner
Full Size 400ml, RRP $39.50
I got two 8ml sample, values $0.45

Official Description:

Hair that smeels like heaven. The Helichrysum range is perfect for breathing new life into dull damaged hair with a floral scent that makes washing it bliss. With vitamin A and E to prevent UVA+UVB damage that will revitalize your hair. Bring back your hair's natural bounce with shine. Easy!

My Thoughts:

Same as product 2, see above.

4. Jemma Kidd | Tone on Tone Duo
Full Size 3g, RRP $48.00
I got full size sample, values $48.00

Official Description:

Supermodel Jemma Kidd brings you this silky cashmere like cream to powder shadow, designed to enhance and illuminate your eyes. Beautiful to wear, non-creasing, intense metallic finish. TIP: Use lightly and evenly across eyes, layer for more definition.

My Thoughts:

When I opened it I was so surprised this is a CREAM eyeshadow duo! I've never heard this brand before but packaging is so sleek and pretty, and gosh, these eyeshadows are so creamy, blendable and stay on the lid well! Whenever comes to cream eyeshadow I always worry about lasting power, but this one I would definitely trust it. Both colour are super wearable: top colour for crease blending and outer corner of eyelid, bottom colour for all over eyelid. And wish I can show you in person how pretty the bottom colour is!!! love the colour and shimmer finish!! <3 Probably the most wonderful piece of makeup I've received from Goodie Box so far!

5. Manhattan | Double Loop Lip Liner
Full Size 6ml, RRP $16.00
I got full size sample, values $16.00

Official Description:

Want a pretty pout to-go? Seductively smooth this deliciously scented lip gloss has a flawlessly matched lip liner for double the punch all rolled into one. The perfect little luxury to save space in your purse.

My Thoughts:

I thought I wouldn't enjoy this product that much but I ended up did!! The lip liner isn't that smooth but that gloss! <3 It's not sticky at all, scent isn't too strong, and the right amount of shimmer in this really makes your lips look a lot fuller! Wish it has slightly more pink/peachy colour instead of fully brown nude (but I this colour is quite sexy though!) then it would be perfect for everyday wear! Loved last month's matte lip cream from Manhattan too, now I'm actually paying attention to this brand. Might get some of their products if I can find them at local stores. :)

6. Fan Di | Fendi
Full Size 30ml, RRP $103.00
I got 1ml sample, values $3.43

Official Description:

With a big gold buckle on the bottle this Eau De Toilette is perfectly Fendi. A true floral with damascene rose and yellow jasmine on a dusky leather base. Sensual and addictive it's like a touch of holiday sun. Bliss.

My Thoughts:

I've never tried this fragrance at counter before. But after leaving it on cardboard paper for a few minutes, I actually quite like it. (I'm normally quite picky when comes to fragrance) It is quite floral but quite mature and sexy at the same time. I'll keep using this sample and might purchase it if I really like it after a while cause it's quite different to my other perfumes.

7. Hershey's Milk Chocolate
Full Size 43g, RRP unknown
I got full size sample, value unknown

Official Description:

Is there anything more blissfully indulgent than melt-in-your-mouth chocolate? Hershey's "Great American Chocolate Bar" is one of the all-time greats with its creamy taste and tear-apart blocks perfect for sharing... or not.

My Thoughts:

I ate it straight away after filming videos and taking photos haha... Also shared half with Joe too cause he has a sweet tooth! Yum! Love when Goodie Box has some food goodies that you can eat straight away!

Price of Goodie Box: $25.00 + $5.00 shipping = $30.00/month

Value of this month's box: $84.43

The box seems really small but I guess quite a few products are actually outstanding, so quality over quantity this month? When I was unboxing I didn't like the box as much cause I hadn't tried all the products back then, but now after tested a few things, I really really enjoy this box now! Excellent job Goodie Box, keep all the good stuff coming! ;)

Have you guys tired any monthly subscription service? Have you been enjoying it? Leave comments down below I would like to know! :)



  1. I have tried Sample Bar but then they closed down and also tried the first month of Goodie Box when it launched, I un-subscribed after 1 month due to bad customer service and their boxes are boring, like this one you just shown, it's full of foil packs :/ I have paid for my first box of Violet Box, it's arriving end of April ~ so excited ^^ Have you subscribe to Violet Box? Anyways, love your makeup in that video ;) very pretty x

    imladiiekay | Beauty & Lifestyle blog ♡

    1. The December and February box I received tons of full size products though. It's like on and off, I'll see how is the box going after trying it for a few more month before I decide I want to keep subscribing or stop. Thanks a lot for reading Kay, have a lovely day :)

  2. Great blog!

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