Candle Haul: Candle Crush NZ

I just received a box of candles from Candle Crush this week. I'm too excited about them so I feel like I HAVE TO do a haul blog post before I actually burn them to film the review video on my YouTube channel, because candles are just so pretty before you actually use them...

Candle Crush is a new-ish New Zealand soy candle online store, selling luxury scented soy candle with affordable price plus free fast shipping for anywhere in New Zealand. (amazing right?!)

I ordered 2 full size jar candles, and 8 little wax melts to try out some scents before I purchase the full size products. Full size jars are $29.95 NZ dollars each, which is quite affordable for this size jar soy candle in New Zealand candle market. Wax melts are $3.95 NZD each which is cheap enough to purchase for trying out new scent before risking the full size jar.

The full size jars I got are:

- Just... One... More Cookie!
- Oh Mean Vanilla Bean!

The wax mets I got are:

- Stealing The Limelight
- Lovely Pair of Coconuts
- Like A Kid In A Candy Store
- Smokin' Hot Chocolate
- Round And Round The Garden
- Grandma's Apple Crumble
- Alexander The Grape!
- Ginger Bear loves Ginger Beer

I really really like most of their scents so far (from sniffing)! I'll talk about each scent and other detailed stuff in my next blog post and YouTube video which I would do a full review of them.

This is how the full size jar candle looks like, pretty basic looking. These candles have 50+ burning hours as the description of the product says.

And this is how the wax melts look like, it's kinda like a thinner and larger tealight candle without a wick, so in order to use them, you would need a wax warmer or oil burner to be able to use them, which is a little bit more tricky. I've always try to avoid wax melts for some reason (I like the idea of burning candles, flame always looks so pretty and calm you down. Also candles release scents a bit slower than wax melts normally, so they have more subtle scent while burning), when I was buying sample candles from Yankee Candles, I used to avoid wax melts and got their mini voltage candles instead. But Candle Crush only sells wax melts, I had to order a new oil warmer for these little guys, which I hope will arrive soon so I would get to use them.

I'm actually burning the "Oh Mean Vanilla Bean!" scent right now. Gosh it smells so good just like how I imagined when I sniffed it! Definitely recommend this!

I'll be hosting a GIVEAWAY on my Blog, YouTube and Instagram to give away 3 full size jar candles. So don't forget to come back to check out my full review post soon!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! <3



  1. these candles look great! I need to check out the store

  2. These look so nice and seem to have a lot of scents to choose from!

  3. These candles look so nice! I like soy candles, and all the scents' names sound super yummy, lol!

  4. Lovely initial review! Sounds divine. (:

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