January Goodie Box Unboxing | January 2014

First I need to apologize this January Goodie Box Unboxing is about a month late. I filmed this about a month ago and really didn't have time to edit and upload my YouTube unboxing video, so the blog post is late at the same time as well. I hope you guys could understand and still enjoy reading blog post / watching unboxing video anyway...

If you haven't heard of Goodie Box is a New Zealand monthly subscription box that is similar to the Birchbox in US. You pay $25.00 NZD plus $5.00 shipping each month and you get at least 5 goodies in the box, either deluxe sample or full size ones. (CLICK HERE to get your own one)

Here is my unboxing video. Watch it down below or CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

Each month the box looks the same as always.

They didn't include this product info card in my box this month, which was ridiculous!! I definitely wasn't happy about this because it made my filming super hard without knowing anything about all the sample products. I asked customer service and luckily got a PDF copy of this months' info card.

1. Benefit | They're Real Mascara
Full Size 8.5g, RRP $43.00
I got 3g sample, values $15.18

Official Description:

Benefit Cosmetic's best selling mascara is a cult classic. This fabulous tube has all the benefits' it lenghthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates to give you full and flirty lashes. The magic is in the brush. Its 360 degree tip will coat those hard to reach corner lashes to give you maximum volume. Apply this mascara horizontally and vertically and YOU will wonder if they're real!

My Thoughts:

This is the only product I was excited about from this month's box. Benefit They're Real Mascara is super popular over the Internet world, so many people rave about them and I was stocked I finally get to try them. After using it my thoughts are: this is a really nice mascara but probably not the best ever. Quite a few other mascaras I've tried probably look nicer than this. I probably won't repurchase the full size mascara after finishing this mini tube.

2. Dermalogica | Protection 50 Sport
Full Size 156ml, RRP $52.00
I got 22ml sample, values $7.33

Official Description:

Dermalogica's new sunscreen offers super protection from the harsh New Zealand sun. Beautifully lightweight and water resistant it'll work under your makeup and under the waves. TIP: Non-Greasy and fragrance free it's a perfect addition to your daily routine.

My Thoughts:

Just another sunscreen. Haven't heard of this brand before and not super excited about this. But to be honest, one more extra sunscreen for summer time definitely wouldn't hurt.

3. NS8 | Heel Balm Complex
Full Size 100ml, RRP $25.00
I got 20g sample, values $5.00

Official Description:

You will only ever be one step away from beautifully soft feet. Packed with only natural ingredients that will exfoliate, soften and smoothen - this easily absorbed heel balm promises to gently remove dead skin whilst restoring them to their former glory. Make sure you try out Australia's #1 Naturally active heel balm to feel the difference.

My Thoughts:

Again, haven't heard of this brand. But I do need something to save my feet from wearing heels too much from last month! (If it works like what the description says)

4. Party Feet | Ultra Slim
Full Size 1 pair, RRP $13.00
I got full size sample, values $13.00

Official Description:

If you've spent too many nights carrying your shoes then allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. Party Feet's new design provides invisible cushioning to prevent pain in the balls of your feet, while still being slim enough for even the narrowest shoes. Now you will rock your favourite footwear all day long.

My Thoughts:

Same as the heel balm above, I do need this stuff. I actually tired it straight away on my work high heels. They did give a nice feeling but was too thick and made my toes and toe nail hurt so much inside the closed toes shoes! I took them off after just a few hours of wearing and it did damage the sole of shoes when I peeled them off. So big NO NO to this product for me at least!!

5. Palmers | Evertone Tone Perfecting Cream
Full Size 75g, RRP $16.00
I got 5g sample, values $1.07

Official Description:

This magical cream will visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage, ageing, scarring and pregnancy. With vitamin C to rejuvenate and sunscreen to prevent further damage Evertone has you covered. Use a thin layer at the start of your beauty routine.

My Thoughts:

Another foil pack from Palmers (a 5ml BB cream sample last month)! Since I've been working at skin care and makeup counters now, I totally wouldn't believe a 16 bucks face cream would do anything to dark spots from sun damage, ageing and stuff. I gave this sample to one of my friends. I definitely wouldn't purchase full size product myself.

6. Blistex | Five Way Lip Protection
Full Size 4.25g, RRP $7.80
I got 2.8g sample, values $5.14

Official Description:

You are well covered by this household name. With five ingredients specially chosen to protect you from the harshest parts of the sunshine. Its SPF30 will protect you from UVA and UVB rays all summer long, keeping your lips soft, shiny and moisturised. And with up to 80 minutes water resistance it's the perfect addition to every bag. 

My Thoughts:

A very cute little cute. I don't feel like anything too special about this lip balm apart from this though. SPF30 sounds really good but I normally prefer nice scent or minty lip balm instead of no scented ones.

7. Chillax
Full size 90ml, RRP $5.00
I got full size sample, values $5.00

Official Description:
Need more sleep? Then this is a great natural solution. Chillax contains a unique blend of Montmorency Tart Cherry juice and lactium, both of which are clinically proven to aid sleep. Natural yet effective to ensure you wake up feeling perfectly refreshed. True to it's name Chiilax will calm and relax you; get the rest you need and deserve.

My Thoughts:

I really don't have sleeping problem. I really wanted to give this a go but the smell of the product really grossed me out... So I threw it in the bin straight away... I read some reviews about this products though, apparently lots of people woke up feeling really nice after drinking this before bed.

Price of Goodie Box: $25.00 + $5.00 shipping = $30.00/month

Value of this month's box: $51.72

My 2nd Goodie Box didn't turn out that great. The box value is only $51.72 which is quite disappointing. And also they didn't include the info card for all the products in my box, I had to ask the customer service to send me a PDF version of it. I would be totally disappointing about the box if the Benefit mascara wasn't in there. I hope the February box isn't as worthless as this and be more exciting. 

Have you guys tired any monthly subscription service? Have you been enjoying it? Leave comments down below I would like to know! :)



  1. Hy beautiful, what program do you use to edit your pictures?? I love the filter you use.. by the way your blog is amazing :)


    1. hey Michela, I didn't use any filters on my photos. I used Photoshop for some basic cropping and changing curve and that's everything. Thanks a lot for the sweet comment xoxo

  2. Not too bad, I'm curious about party feet, i've seen them everywhere but never tried it. I always get sore feet from walking in pretty shoes though

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. I think it would work nice with open toed shoes. I tried it with closed toe shoes and it made my shoes way too tight at the front and hurt my toe nails a lot so I had to take them out... Hope this is helpful