xoBeauty False Eyelashes First Impression & Review

I bought some lashes from xoBeauty recently, thought I should share my first impression and a mini review with everyone.
If you don't know the brand xoBeauty, you must know Shaaanxo (aka Shannon Harris) from YouTube! And yes this is a brand created by her. They used to only make brushes and now extended the brand for making lashes as well, and apparently there will be more things coming soon!

They had 6 different styles of lashes but I only bought 5, because one of them were half strip lashes and I don't think it would work on my super short lashes...

I have a video on YouTube as well if you want to have a look on top of my blog post. (CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube)

Here are the pictures of all the 5 pairs I bought. They are: The Romantic, The Glamourista, The Gold Digger, The Innocent and The Feline.

These all look so wearable from the first sight I saw them! Let me break down and talk about each pair from how they look in the packaging, and also show you more detailed pictures.

The Innocent
The most natural and the shortest pair out of all. It's great for someone have never tried falsies or they don't feel comfortable wearing long lashes, or someone just want their lashes to look natural but add more volume. 
Get them HERE

The Romantic
These are my personal favourite. So wispy and not too long, just perfect pair of natural looking lashes but make you eyes pop a lot more and gives a sweet puppy eye look. They are way more natural than how they look in the box, you just have to try it! Highly recommend!!
Get them HERE

The Glamourista
Slightly longer than The Romantic. Just as wispy and look really natural. I would describe these as medium to long very natural lashes. Love them too, sooo pretty! <3
Get them HERE

The Gold Digger
These are slightly more on the dramatic side, but definitely not anything out of comfort zone. They are similar to The Glamourista apart from more volume in the middle and outer corner. Still look natural for a full volume lashes. Probably my favourite pair of lashes for whenever I wear a full face look! Love the extra volume in the middle, makes your eyes look so much bigger!!
Get them HERE

The Feline
Just like the name, this is the Cat Eye look must have lashes. Short in the middle, long and flirty on the outer corners! Haven't got a chance to wear this yet but I'm sure this will look so cool!
Get them HERE


Loooove these lashes! They look so much prettier than I would expected on my eyes! I'm definitely getting more myself. My personal favourite pairs are The Romantic and The Gold Digger! <3 


  • All the styles are really wearable, you're not getting anything would be out of your comfort zone
  • Super affordable and easy to get for New Zealand area! Thanks Shannon!!
  • Lots of tutorials from Shaaanxo wearing them in her videos, so you can see them on person really well 

  • Can only get them online, shipping might take slightly longer for the rest of the world.
  • A bit more glue (than other major brands) on the lashes when you peel them off the box, need to be patient to remove all the glues before the 1st time using them.

$6.99 NZD each pair of full strip lashes, $5.50 NZD for the half strip 

Where to Buy:
You can only get them on xoBeauty official site: www.xobeautyshop.com



  1. Those lashes look fabulous, I think I'm going to have to grab myself a few pairs. The Feline pair are definitely my favourite. :)


  2. Those are beautiful lashes!!


  3. wow they look gorgeous !
    Melissa x
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  4. Love these! They look great! (:

  5. I really want to try these out! Not only do they look fantastic, but I also just really want to show my support for Shannon.

    Great review! =)