Lime Crime Lipsticks + Red Velvet Review & Swatches

I guess most of girls are obsessed with the Lime Crime lipsticks just as much as I do, even though I just got my hands on them finally. The packaging and color range are both so unique that everyone is dying for...

I picked up 4 of their Lipsticks (GERADIUM, COUNTESSA FLUORESCENT, CENTRIFUCHSIA, AIRBORNE UNICORN) and also 1 Valentine Matte Lip Cream (RED VELVET) from <3

Design of packaging is so pretty, both from the box outside to the the product packaging itself! Similar shape of tube as MAC lipsticks (slightly bigger) with the cool purple color and sparkling unicorn on the tube. Just can't love it any more, cutest packaging lipsticks ever!

Here is my ARM swatches:

L to R: Lime Crime Lipstick Geradium, Contessa Fluorescent, Centrifuchsia, Airborne Unicorn & Valentine Red Velvet

And here is my LIP swatches:

Geradium is a neon coral-pink.
Such a sweetheart shade, more neon than I thought would be though. Personally I think this would look the best on blondies.

Countessa Fluorescent is a true bright pink.
Not the light neon kinda pink but very bold and pretty. This is a must-have if you like pink lipsticks.

Centrifuchsia is a deep fuchsia.
Slightly more berry than true bright fuchsia, this shade makes my makeup stand out so much even just wearing neutral eye look!

Airborne Unicorn is a purple
I think this is the most well-known lipstick by Lime Crime. Such a full on purple which is unique and hard to find dupes! Never thought I would like purple but it's one of my favourite colors now! I like to mix this shade with Wet N Wild Mauve Outta Here, they make such a beautiful color together <3 
CLICK HERE to see the makeup look I created wearing this lipstick.

Red Velvet is a matte bold red.
The most popular lip color from Lime Crime, always sold out everywhere so it would be lucky if you can get one (you have to check website everyday pretty much). Such a bold bold bold red lip color, one of the darkest red I have and it's a completely matte finish (once it's dry). One of my favourite red at the moment, definitely worth all the hype!

Here is an overview product & swatch photo for 4 lipstick shades:


- super opaque and pigmented
- great color range, lots of unique shades that you won't be able to find anywhere else
- the prettiest packaging ever for lippies <3


- there are always some shades are sold out (they are popular aren't they!)
- a bit pricey, definitely up there with all the high end brands such as MAC, Urban Decay etc.

Conclusion:LOOOOOVE them, just try it yourself and you will fall in love with them. I don't need to say anything else ;)

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  1. Great review lovely! Your lips are perfect for swatches :o I love my Red Velvet but I'm not a huge fan of the lipstick formula... I find for a bold lipstick they can be a little too creamy and smear sometimes. I still own a couple and wear them though :P the colours are so unique!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. I agree! Centrifuchsia smudges a bit when I drink from a cup. but apart from that i love them all :) thanks for reading xx

  2. Nice review, such pretty pinks and the purple is the daring one :D

  3. They're all such gorgeous shades! I haven't tried anything from Lime Crime yet, but I think I would love to try Centrifuchsia! Definitely my kind of color, haha!

    1. I reckon you would like that shade Ash ;) and Red Velvet! both would look beautiful with your skin tone and hair <3

  4. the packaging of these are too cute! I want them all!

    great review :)

    alex // Cats and Vodka

    1. thanks for reading Alex :) yea it's all about packaging isn't it! lime crime's packaging is definitely cool

  5. The shades are gorgeous but pricey.

    1. yes they're very pricey, could almost buy an Urban Decay revolution lipstick!

  6. I love the purple shade and the packaging! I've always wanted to try these, great review!

  7. I have Red Velvet and absolutely love it! :D I want to get Poisonberry but I think of Geradium too :D:D

  8. Oh my goodness 'Airborne Unicorn' is gorgeous! x


  9. wow...theses look amazing on you! Love the shades and the packaging is so cute.

    Pink Frenzy

  10. Geradium is perfect :)

  11. We just discover your blog, following a link. We like it and you make very interesting articles.
    Samara Sisters

  12. Love the packaging! My favorite is the purple one :)

  13. All look soooo gorgeous and such good quality!!! x

  14. love this review ^-^ Countessa Fluorescent is my absolutely favourite out of all Lime Crime lipsticks; but I haven't tried out the red velvet yet so seeing as how amazing your swatches look, I should try them out :")


  15. This review is flawless, and the colors are so intense and amazing! I am drooling ....

    xox Casey

  16. I have been wanting to try this brand for a while now.... thank for doing a review on them, it has fully persuaded me to buy some of my own! Loved this post, and your blog!

  17. omgggggggggggggggggg i want.
    those colors look phenomenal on you!

    All my love