December Goodie Box Unboxing | Dec 2013

Taadaa I received my FIRST Goodie Box so here is my unboxing blog post for it. I also made an unboxing video which is down below.
Goodie Box is a New Zealand monthly subscription box that is similar to the Birchbox in US. You pay $25.00 NZD plus $5.00 shipping each month and you get at least 5 goodies in the box, either deluxe sample or full size ones..

Here is my unboxing video. Watch it down below or CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

Here is the quick look of everything I received in the box for this month December. I got 7 products in the box, keep reading to find out more details about them :)

You also get a card like this telling you details about each product and their retail price too.

1. Moreish Argan Oil
Full Size 30ml, RRP $35.00
I got full size sample, values $35.00

Official Description:

Made right here in New Zealand this natural nourishing oil is perfect to use daily to get baby smooth skin where you need it. Pure argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids to even out stretch marks, acne scars and heat-damaged hair. A couple of drops is all you need. Mooreish to say the least. TIP: Put a couple of drops into your daily moisturizer every day for five days and you'll look and feel brand new.

My Thoughts:

Full size argan oil. I was like "WOW" when I saw it. I've heard so much good things about them on YouTube! I'm really keen to try putting them on the ends of my hair (I use macadamia oil now, let's see which one is better) and also mixing it into my moisturizer (I normally use pure jojoba oil and avocado oil whenever my skin feels dry too).

2. Matte Perfect Shine Control
Full Size 30 Sheets, RRP $15.00
I got full size sample, values $15.00

Official Description:

An easy way to bring life back to your makeup? These gorgeous kimono silk sheets will absorb moisture, mattify you skin and leave you looking refreshed, so you can enjoy the sunshine all day long!

My Thoughts:

Basically just blotting paper... Well I don't think this stuff actually worth $15.00. You can get blotting paper from elf for $1 each pack!

3. Manicare Glam Nail Pens
Full Size 5ml, RRP $13.00
I got full size sample, values $13.00

Official Description:

Get ready quick for those soirees and fancy dinners with the touch of this three-way pen. Put some pep into your manicure in an instant. Paint, draw and decorate. Make a statement with your nails. TIP: Use a wet cotton bud to place the diamantes with more precision!

My Thoughts:

I do really like the idea of this wee pen, quite smart whoever thought about it. Although I don't think the color of nail polish and rhinestone they gave me are the useful ones at all, and also the brush is a bit "funny". I probably will only be using that fine tip for drawing stuff on nails on some stage.

4. Palmers EvenTone BB Cream
Full Size 30ml, RRP $16.00
I got 5ml sample, values $2.67

Official Description:

With the sun out shining it's a great opportunity to try something new. This BB cream targets discoloration and hyperpigmentation to give you a light even coverage with SPF 15 protection. Keep thing slight and show off your beautiful even skin!

My Thoughts:

I was actually surprised that this was BB cream, from Palmers! I thought this would be body butter when I saw it in the box. I'm really interested to try out. Who can have enough BB cream or foundation right? ;) and the sample I got is Medium/Dark which is perfect for my skin color atm! I'm normally Medium but between Medium and Dark in summer (it's summer in New Zealand right now in case you guys don't know). I wonder though, have other people received Medium/Dark as well? Cause this would definitely be way to dark for most of kiwi girls in New Zealand... I hope they didn't all receive the same shade as me anyway!

5. Tui Balm Lavender Massage and Body Balm
Full Size 25g, RRP $9.00
I got full size sample, values $9.00

Official Description:

Make sure to share this balm with someone who will pamper you with a massage. Scented with lavender the all natural New Zealand made Tui Balm is soothing and will help relieve tension, insomnia and headaches. Helping you take a break from holiday rush! TIP: Warm a small amount in your hands and rub away.

My Thoughts:

I loooooove the smell of this stuff! I'm really looking forward to try it when I ask my boyfriend Joe to massage me next time. Tui is a traditional New Zealand brand, their stuff has been around for ages, so I'm sure you can trust this brand a lot.

6. Bourjois Paris Shimering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow
Full Size 8.5g, RRP $23.00
I got full size sample, values $23.00

Official Description:

Time to sparkle. The perfect base and primer this will see your eyeshadow artwork last though the night. Dot on and lightly sweep across your eyelids before it dries. A little goes a long way with this but to pump up the colour intensity just apply a second coat.

My Thoughts:

As soon as I saw this shade I got I knew I would love it! If you guys watch my YouTube tutorials you would have seen me using Maybelline Color Tattoo in shade Barely Branded a lot. And this liquid eyeshadow is almost the same color! So that means I would definitely be using this. I've never tried liquid eyeshadow before though, wonder how pigmented this is and how long it last throughout the day (would it smudge / crease / moving around).

7. Isowhey Protein Bar
Full size box of 15 bars, RRP $46.80
I got 1 bar, values $3.12

Official Description:
Yummy low-carb and high protein, these snack bars are the ideal snacks for health conscious women on the run. With the busy holiday season ahead make sure you stay healthy and energized!

My Thoughts:

Haha didn't know Goodie Box would have food in their like Birchbox. I got dates flavour and ate it straight after I filmed the video haha. And to be honest, this flavour tastes not good at all, I'm not fussy about food at all I love all foods normally. But this definitely isn't my flavour/texture, wish I got some more common flavour such as chocolate or some nutty flavour.

Price of Goodie Box: $25.00 + $5.00 shipping = $30.00/month

Value of this month's box: $100.79

This is my first Goodie Box and I'm quite happy about it. I received 7 products and 5 of them were full size and the box value was $100.79, even though some products in there might not worth as much as they marked the retail price. But overall I'm satisfied and will keep subscribing to them. Can't wait for next month's box.

Have you guys tired any monthly subscription service? Have you been enjoying it? Leave comments down below I would like to know! :)



  1. I just love, love your accent ♥ What... $15 for one pack of blotting sheets? That's not worth at all. Unless they're really good blotting sheets that can rid of any oil without re-blotting then ok, haha.
    I might try out the Goodie Bag ^^


  2. Giirl, you look so gorgeous in this vid!

  3. Hi Bonnie, thanks for following my blog via Bloglovin. I am stopping by to follow back and check out your blog :) Looks like you got some great things in this box, with all the boxes going around these days it is so hard to decide on one and keep track. I have reviewed a few recently myself. If you want to follow via GFC instead I am more likely to see your new posts because I usually check all blogs through there.


  4. You got a really nice details here, thank you! ^^


  5. Great items you got and you did amazing on the video thumbs up. Come visit I join my giveaway.