Luxy Hair Extension: Unboxing & First Impression


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review by any form. I purchased Luxy Hair Extension myself with my own money! All the opinions are 100% honest. 

I've been having a set of hair extension bought off AliExpress for a while. It was really cheap and the amount of hair I got was decent. But the problem was the hair on that extension was really thick texture, really dried hair. So not long after I purchased, it started to become super dry, tangle up all the time, and really doesn't feel as smooth as it was before, and started to become hard to blend with my own hair. 
So after I've been doing a bit of research, I finally targed down to these three brands: Luxy Hair, BellaMi Hair, Milani Hair...

Here are my thoughts before purchasing:

Luxy Hair:
I've been watching Luxy Hair's tutorials on YouTube for quite a while now, but never actually checked their website for extension until last week. I really like Layla and Mimi's tutorials, they always create such beautiful hairstyles, and those two sisters definitely have put a lot of time and energy into their YouTube channel. I really like both of them, and feel like the product really could be trusted since they wear the same extensions in their videos, and they have a whole set of videos on their website can help you to learn everything about extensions, I found those videos really helpful. So those two sisters kinda drove me to finally decide to get their ones.
Price: $149.95 (160 gram, 20 inch, 10 clips)
Shipping: Free worldwide

BellaMi Hair:
About BellaMi hair, they have TONS of popular YouTuber wearing their extensions now. And their Instagram is having a lot of followers and attentions now. But I feel like there's something missing. Their website doesn't even have as many photos as it should be (a lot of colors don't have model photos). I believe they have good quality hair extensions as well, but I don't feel like I want to support this brand as much as Luxy. And also their color system is exactly the same as Luxy Hair's one (please let me know if I'm wrong), even the names and stuff. So I guess both hair could possibly from the same source? I will probably try them in the future at some stage, just want to see the difference between BellaMi and Luxy.
Price: $159.99 (160 gram, 20 inch, 10 clips)
Shipping: $5.00 flat shipping free worldwide

Milani Hair:
I found out about this lady's business through Instagram. I liked it when I was on Instagram kinda, I like the idea you can purchase a piece of "color ring" and return it with full refund when you're purchasing your own set. But as soon as I went to their website, the ad video really put me off. The way everyone talked in the video really remind me of those annoying old style TV ads. And also their International shipping fee is like CRAZY!
Price: $189.99  (only 100 gram, 20 inch, 7 clips)
Shipping: $55.00 (seriously?!)

So after all, I ordered 160 gram of Luxy Hair in color 1C (Mocha Brown), and the parcel arrived in about a week (from US to New Zealand), and it's free shipping, pretty fast right? 

So now let's see my unboxing pictures and first impression on Luxy Hair.

This is how it looks like straight out of the parcel bag. I was suprised it's not the normal plastic bag that most of hair extension comes with (they used to have old packaging and showed in the videos). So I guess they changed to a new packaging now.

There're two sections in the box. The small one at bottom you can open it already, the top one has a sticker on. After reading it I realised this is a piece from the whole set to let you see the color of the hair before opening the whole thing. If you guys don't know, hair extensions can't be returned once you open it, all the brands have this policy due to hygienic reasons. 
I really like this idea that you can check just one single piece just to make sure it's the right color! I feel like they think about customers a lot just from this little detail.

Here is the instruction of what to do and not to do with this little piece. You gotta read it carefully! (I was so nervous haha)

YES the right color, so now I can feel safe and open up the other section of box.

This is how it looks after opening the mysterious top section of the box (haha just kidding).

After the little pice of hair reunioned with the rest :$ I felt really happy at that moment for some reason. I actually felt like they "reunioned" and felt happy for them! (ummm I'm weird...)
The hair is sooooo soft and silky. Hair is a lot more fine than my old set, and doesn't have that strange smell. (I was really worried when I first received my no brand old set, the smell was horrible and I had to wash it before wearing, but there was still some sort of smell left on it. Feels unsafe right?)

This is the close up look of the clips. Sewed on so much better than my old hair extension!

You can keep the box and use it to store your extension, this is so awesome :L
And also you get 4 back-up clips, this is so thoughtful again! So much little details I can feel they pay so much attention to their products.
My old set from AliExpress didn't come with any extra clips, and two were broken!

This is me with my own hair. I had really damaged hair before from coloring and permanent culrs, so I had to cut it to above shoulder, dyed it back to my normal hair color, and grow everything healthy again. I'm still on this journey and it's going to take me a while to grow it long again...

This is front and back of me with extensions straight out of box, without doing anything to them! Since they were curled up in a box before, you might want to straighten them with a flat iron or hang it up for a few days if you want to wear your hair straight.

 I like to put my hair on the side like this normally, suit my face shape and everything a lot better.

This is how it looks after I did a messy style loose waves to it. Front and Back.

And again, this is how I normally like to wear my hair. I like putting them on one side. ^_^

I think the money I spent on Luxy is definitely worth so far. You get worldwide free shipping (so good for us that are outside of US), a box to store your extension, and Luxy sisters constantly making new hair tutorials on YouTube for us. It is 3 times more expensive than my old no brand hair extensions I bought on AliExpress before, but the quality of hair is waaaaay better! It's so much softer and smoother, the texture of hair is more fine and feels a lot healthier. And color match was perfect! (they have two videos showing you all the colors you can get, an old one and a really good quality new one)

I'm really happy about this purchase, and I'll definitely keep supporting Luxy sisters! Thank you guys for sharing all the amazing hairstyles with us <3 . Definitely would recommend their hair extensions to my friends.

I'll be making another review video on my YouTube channel after I've been wearing this for a while to test it out more. Thanks for reading.

Price: $149.95

Where to buy:

*The product reviewed in this post was purchased myself with my own money.


  1. Oh my gosh, Bonnie, you look gorgeous both with your own hair and with extensions. I think all lengths and styles really suit you or you just know how to wear hair! <3

    1. I feel more confident with longer hair for some reason. I reckon longer hair makes face appear smaller most of time. But yea, I definitely miss my own long hair, it's gonna take forever to grow it back >.<
      Thank you so much Ash you're always so sweet <3

  2. Oh dear lord! How gorgeous does your hair look with those extensions?! Absolutely gorgoeus. xxx

  3. omg wow huge difference! now you make me wanna get them :3 but so expensive >.<


  4. This really helped me decide on which extension I was going to go with. Luxy or Bellami. I am going with the Luxy. Thank you so much for your honest opinions and pics. I love it!! Beautiful!!

    1. I'm glad you found my post was helpful!! means a lot to me, thank you girl <3

  5. Wow!!! you look beautiful!!
    I am planning on buying luxy hair extensions but i am so confused between mocha brown and off black color.. around the crown i have off black color and towards the bottom it is darkest brown.. what do i do.?? helppp... :(

    1. definitely getting the color closer to your ends not roots! that's where you can see extensions coming through not on the top of your head. Hope this is helpful :)

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  7. So good review! Thank you! They shine so glamorous, but natural! You look fantastic!

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